Saw some JWs this am! Couldn't stop laughing

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  • Free!!

    This morning on my way to the office i decided to stop at the gas station to get some coffee.... as i am pulling into the parking space i see this woman w a haircut from the 80's the typical below the knee skirt and long sleeve shirt (is a 105 degrees over here in the shadow).... i immediatly knew she was a JW... she had the latest WT in her hands..... she skipped me and approached a group of young mexican laborers that were resting in the back of a truck... but... as soon as i walked out of the gas station... guess who was waiting for me??? the JW!!! she wanted to do a presentation.. i looked at her and w/o saying a word i started laughing so hard the guys in the truck started laughing as well... she just looked at me and STILL kept trying to push her literatrash!! i said "I am an apostate".... she looked like she had heard me say "i am the devil in the flesh" turned her back and started walking/running back to her car... i was still laughing!! =P i had to share this one!!

  • wearewatchingyouman

    funny... I love throwing that word out there when I just want a good laugh....

    although I find it much more fun to lead them on w/ some story about how I was just praying someone would show me God after taking a hit off the crack pipe and then start speaking in tongues and violently convulsing... it's good to throw a beelzebub in there every once in a while too... then get up and say "thank the Lord God Jesus Christ Almight God you've saved me I'm born again."... thank them and walk away...

    ok so truthfully I've only done this once... but oh my God their look of fear and confusion... classic...

  • Hortensia

    wearewatchingyouman - what a funny sense of humor!

    BTW did you know you have an olive in your belly button? That's what it looks like, anyway.

  • freetosee

    I don't understand. Did you start laughing at her, because of her clothes, for being a jw or for trying to make a presentation?

    Maybe the hole situation was indeed very humorous -I can't tell, since I was not there. I hope she did not feel humiliated.

  • blond-moment

    I have been telling my friends, when jws come to the door, smile a wicked little smile and say...i am an apostate. I have one or two friends who are now eagerly awaiting a knock the door.

    It's soo funny how I used to fear that word. Now I wear it proudly.

  • MrFreeze

    freetosee, jw's love embarassing themselves.

  • Diest

    blond-moment......I am going to tell all my friends that....think how great it would be if everyone knew those words. I AM AN APOSTATE

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Wished I was there to see it! Hahahahaha

  • steve2

    Two questions: Are you sure that's the belly-button? Are you sure that's an olive?

    Now back to the thread: When I first left the organization in the 1980s, a group of non-JW university friends were talking with me about how to give the JWs the short-shrift. I told them, say to the JWs with a big smile:

    "Hi, my name is Tom and you guys disfellowshipped me for conduct unbecoming a Christian. If you value your spiritual purity, leave right now...otherwise if you stay, you risk having your mind opened."

    I never heard whether any of them ever used it, but everyone was in stitches as we role-played the lines.

  • punkofnice
    "I am an apostate".... she looked like she had heard me say "i am the devil in the flesh" turned her back and started walking/running back to her car... i was still laughing'''s persecution I tell thee!

    The washTowel is correct! There are such creatures as 'apostates'......THEY LIVE!!

    Andy Warhol said everyone has 15 minutes fame..............yours is that you'll become an exaggerated 'experience' at the next A$$€m?£¥. She'll tell how she was attacked by a van full of 'apostates' shouted out 'JAAAAARRRRRR HOOOOOOOVERRRRRRRRR!' and you all melted like Christopher Lee at the end of the Dracula film.

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