Saw some JWs this am! Couldn't stop laughing

by Free!! 90 Replies latest jw friends

  • shamus100

    Seek medical attention immediately. I can't BELIEVE you named me after a killer whale! It's Shamus not SHAMU!!!!!

  • Free!!

    My apologies... ShamuS...i was taken aback by your charm and missed a letter.... please forgive me!!! i like chimps!! i watched your cousins yesterday at the movies! "Rise of the planet of the Apes"

  • shamus100

    Ooooh, my cousins.

    Do you NOT REALIZE that we don't get along with apes? Jeez, do your research. That movie is a horror movie to monkeys. Apologize!!!

    P.S. How was it? Worth seeing?

  • Free!!

    Well.. in the movie your cousins were all smart and strong like you and they all got along fine (after a few "talks")....

    PS: Worth watching! CGI was good, better than expected!!

  • cptkirk


  • shamus100

    I'll go watch it tonight. :D Thanks for the flattery too. It will get you everywhere. Sorry about that hostility... me and my temper...

  • Reality79


    Wow . . . strange how different things can be interpreted . . . or filtered. I don't see the majority of comments in either of those categories. All free! did was laugh when accosted in a Gas station . . . I presume as a spontaneous reaction, not as a conscious attempt to humiliate anybody. Where does all this shit come in to it?

    It doesn't come into it all. Sulla is just being overly dramatic.

  • sizemik

    Actually it's sizemik . . . but you can call me size . . .

    Anyways . . . how can I help mon capitaan?

  • clarity

    Naughty naughty children ......... where are those bears when you need them????

  • Sulla

    I guess it's possible I'm being overly dramatic. On the other hand, let's recall that the story was that Free! was laughing so hard that the laborers in a truck also started laughing at the JW. So now Free! and a number of construction workers/landscapers/whatever are lauging at this woman: this woman with the hairstyle right out of the 80s who is wearing some synthetic blouse in the heat, for whom Free! claimed to feel sorry.

    So, we have an unstylish woman being laughed at by laborers and Free! at a gas station. And Free! still isn't done with her, is she? She could let her off with something like, "Sorry, I'm not interested," but she does not.

    Cptkirk then distingusihes himself by observing that nobody should care whether she was humiliated in public or not. Indeed, he offered the justification that many of those "'sisters' are venomous bitches." Reality79 helpfully pointed out that sisters in northern London are hardly innocent, so it doesn't really matter whether causing a truckload of laborers to laugh at a woman in public humiliates her or not.

    So, maybe I'm disregarding the context, but all this seems a little unsettling. Whatever problems cptkirk had with the ladies back when he was a JW, and however the chicks treated Reality79 in northern London, I gently point out that this sort of behavour and attitude is uncivil and low. Plenty of people here still have loved ones who could have been that JW woman, laughed at in public by a truckload of laborers because Free! couldn't find it within her simply to be polite. Indeed, for Free! is wasn't all that long ago when she was that woman pitching JW literature in the heat.

    But I'm the one with the problem, I guess.

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