Saw some JWs this am! Couldn't stop laughing

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  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Feel better now, cptkirk?

  • moomanchu

    Why ASSUME she was humiliated?????
    Most JW's get an ego boost when they get their persecution complex stroked.

    "If the world hates you, you know that it has hated me before it hated you.
    If you were part of the world, the world would be fond of what is its own.
    Now because you are no part of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world,
    on this account the world hates you."
    (John 15:18, 19; see also 1 Peter 4:3, 4.)

    "You will be objects of hatred by all people on account of my name." (Mark 13:13)

    I'm thinking she probably felt self righteous after all that.
    Her experience will probably get used in a part at the meeting. lol

  • wobble

    I saw some people walking through our village, and I thought "They must be going to a wedding", the two young men of the group wore suits and ties, only seen in our village on guests at the lovely Norman church.

    I popped in somewhere for a few minutes, as I drove out of the village I got a proper look at the JW's, as they actually were, they had walked ahalf mile, slowly, from the village square, and commenced DtoD working back in towards the square, counting time all the while.

    The young fellers looked weird in suits and ties as I said, just not at all normal, the women with them, mid-twenties to early thirties, was dressed in a long dress, not like the fashionable ones of today, but an eighties looking thing, the little girl of ten or so was dressed like a seven year old.

    With the unhappy look on their faces and their weird attire, they are only going to recruit weirdos methinks !

  • Sulla

    Well, cptkirk, I see you did not take my advice (precisely as I predicted). I certainly hope you've wiped away the flecks of spittle from the corners of your mouth since you posted your unhinged rant, people might think you're strange otherwise.

    I have to admit, your last paragraph was entertaining: you see through the prism of courage, while I see through the prism of fear and cowardice; it's only if I could ever learn to look through the prism of courage that I could grasp who you really are, etc., etc. Wonderful stuff, really. But, why didn't you end it with, "DUH! WINNING!" It would have seemed appropriate.

    Careful with those meth labs, old boy, they sometimes go boom.

  • TheSilence

    I, too, feel sorry for the woman. While I don't agree with forcing your religion on someone else, I also know that every one of us who once lived that life did the same thing. And, as Sulla points out, I still have a sister in... and if I saw someone cause an entire group of people to laugh at her for her beliefs I wouldn't like those people very much (and being the big sister I am I would likely threaten to kick someone's ass). I expect my witness family, and really all people, to respect my right to my beliefs. If that is what I expect of others then I have a responsibility to show the same respect to others, even if they do not live up to that expectation themselves. How can you laugh at someone living their beliefs in one breath and defile them for judging you for your beliefs in the next? Hypocrisy does not begin and end with the witnesses.


  • TheSilence

    I will say that if the laughter was due to nervousness with how to handle the situation because it can be difficult to confront witnesses after we have left I can at least understand that. But when I read the opening post that's just not how it felt to me. If that's what it was there was no need to mock the hairstyle and dress, that simply made it feel like mean laughter. I hope that interperetation on my part is wrong.

  • PaintedToeNail
  • ziddina


    I feel sorry for the JW woman, but not because Free! had a spontaneous reaction to the incongruity of the situation... And reacted with heartfelt laughter - which was probably connected to her feelings of relief at no longer being in that cult...

    I feel sorry for the JW woman because she's under the control of a vicious, money-grasping, manipulative cult that forces her to dress and style her hair and live in a state of poverty [no college educations, remember?], which would naturally expose her to some mirth, dismayed looks and ridicule...

    It is the Watchtower Society who is responsible for whatever "humiliation" this woman may have suffered, not board member "Free!"... After all, "Free!" didn't force that woman to dress and act in a backwards fashion...


  • TheSilence

    By whose standard did she dress in a backwards fashion?

  • ziddina

    Look at fashion books from the 1950's to the '80's....

    And read all that Watchtower advice about dressing "modestly" - and the comments from on-board still-active JW women who have occasionally described the limits and edicts hobbling JW women into a certain "look"...

    And that "look" certainly doesn't scream "Fashion forward"... Or even stylish, for that matter...

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