JW directives you thought were downright stupid

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  • serenitynow!

    SerenityNow, the expression "for crying out loud" is itself a
    minced oath"
    , an exclamation that is

    technically innocent but actually based on a curse ("For Christ's sake!")

    Oh crap! You can't say anything anymore!

  • serenitynow!

    Mr Monroe, that bit about link about "minced oath" was interesting. I never knew that Judas Priest meant Jesus Christ.

  • Free!!

    I got counseled because my roommate went to the BOE when i rented 'Bewitched" for my non JW sister to watch while visiting my house... The stupid ass - ignorant B!+(h told the elders i was bringing "demons" into the house... i was told i could lose my "privilieges" if i continue watching the type of movies!! WTFF????!

  • young_one

    I guess you guys are right. The euphemism rule probably has been around for a while. I think the strictness with which they enforce it ebbs and flows, though. Some years the congregations start to get a little more lax, and then the Society decides to whip them into shape with some more "loving reminders". So irritating...

  • Twitch

    "Eyes Wide Shut" was a great film, but not Kubrick's best, and certainly nothing to base a directive against, in a loose analogy kinda way.

  • av8orntexas

    I'm surprised no one mentioned the rule of no print or logos on Hats or T-shirts while doing RBC,or anything at one of their 'events' Convention cleaning,Hall cleaning,etc....

    I showed up at an RBC project rocking my Red Sox hat and Tee and was told to change.

    Always thought that was stupid.

    I remember about 6-7 years ago being a chaperone for a couple who who 47 and 45 years of age. My friend and I. He about 30-31 at the time and me like 26-27 following this couples every move. Then he had to pay for THREE people,not including himself.

    It was then my turn a few years later. I was dating a sis out in L.A. and flew out there. Following the rules I asked this brother to come with, as it would reflect bad to stay at her place and come out alone. Had to pick up his ticket since I asked him along.

    But having my friend tag along, and then his wife flew out for the end of the weekend, I had to pay for he and his wife. And they made sure to pick the nicest and trendiest places to eat in L.A.

    Yeah...I always thought adults needing a babysitter(s) to watch their every move was cool.

  • WTWizard

    One thing where I was is the length of your hair. They wanted my hair cut between 1 1/2" and 2", and redone every 6 weeks (which was a complete waste of money). They called that style a "JW" cut.

    Funny thing, they were against people letting their hair get too long (particularly "brothers"--more than about 2 1/2-3", and it was time for a cut. However, getting a crew cut was also taboo. Only if you were naturally bald was it acceptable to have your hair shorter than about 1". And getting a tool to do it yourself, saving yourself the time and money of going to the barber so often, was not acceptable because they felt that a professional haircut every 6 weeks was essential. Just one more thing to waste your money and time.

  • aquagirl

    Red shoes.I swear.Red shoes in the congo I was raised in was a sign of a loose woman.

  • looloo

    the beards one ! what a joke , when jesus would have had one and john the baptist unless there was a good barbers out in the wilderness ! so how come a good jw cant have one ?

  • fallen_princess

    man! it seems like all the men on this forum are sounding off about the beard issue. my hubby is growing a beard now after we faded. it seems like all the men that leave grow beards as a last "screw you" to the WTS! Too Funny!

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