Boston native in The Woodlands,TX. I work in aviation,love to travel,read and cook. Aunt was a JW at birth. Went to meeting off and on with my Aunt back in the 80's. She in turn pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed my mom until my others going through 'hard' times with my Stepdad, got baptized in 1996. her house had no other choice. Walk the plank and take the dunkin 1996. Started off hot...regular pioneered back when it was 90 hours a month ( dear god.....) was on the MS fast track,but always had questions. Never voiced them. Plateaued and around 2011,2012. Stopped going all together. With the exception of a few....most of my JW 'friends' think their stuff doesn't stink and it's amazing how these people can be your friend today....and cut you off no problems the next HOUR ! Never been happier. Went back to school,travel. Enjoy my weekends and days off. I can saY I've never had one come by my door,or neighborhood in 5 years. So much for the worldwide work LOL