JW directives you thought were downright stupid

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  • Ding
    The brothers are allowed to unbutton some buttons but the one must stay buttoned.

    Just the way Peter, James, and John did it!

    What would we do without the FDS organization to guide and direct us?

  • mickeyman1
    What would we do without the FDS organization to guide and direct us

    Yes , I cant imagine to be without FDS, I love sweating in the suit. Thats prove I'm a christian. That helps me to be a better man.

  • ballistic

    We had a curcuit overseer talking about drinking habits from the platform, and said "you wouldn't go into a cafe and ask for a pint of tea", with the insinuation that you shouldn't be drinking beer by the pint. Stupid analogy when there are so many good warnings he could have given about the real effects of heavy drinking and so on.

  • leavingwt
    chaperone for adult dating

    This was actually not a rule.

    This is an example of local elders taking a SUGGESTION from the WT and turning it into a RULE.

    The WT magazine states that "some couples choose to have" a chaperone. However, there is not rule making it necessary.

    [Commence Argument]

  • skeeter1

    4 door cars

  • eva luna
    eva luna

    My earlist introduction to 'Life in Hel'l was over earpieceing.

    I wanted them done so bad, my best friend, since age five, had them and so did all her younger sister. Her Mom would do them herself with a needle threaded with dental floss. Her Mom was a strong woman and wouldnt think of asking anyone for permission, plus it was in her culture.

    Well, I wanted earrings , like my most favorite friend had , wanted them so bad. Even glued beads to my ears with Elmer's glue. About age 7 or 8 my mom gave in for some reason. My nonjw Grandmother and her Sisters were to pick me up and take me to lunch and have my ears done at a jewelers. Ears fist, cause I was so excited. A big event indeed. When we all met up to leave, my mom informed me and everyone else, that it was a mutilation and God said NO peierced ears. I creid like a baby. My Family was angry at my mom.

    Flash forward to early 70's , Im almost a teen, and us girls hear there is a letter from God, I mean the Society, saying it's now OK to pierce ears. My best friend was going to do the home version, ya, needle and dental floss. Well turns out there was no such letter.

    Flash forward 2 more years, a real letter from New YOrk Bethel was floating around all dog earred from use, and I had it in my hands. Low and behold, God now said it was OK, cause some ladies in the old testament and Slaves were intstuclted to have there ears or nose pierced.

    So off to the Jeweler.. Yippie ..

    Eventually my friend did do my ears, well one, as we callled it our 'Gypsy Ear'. But she showed me how, and I ended up piercing the heack out of my ears. Yes, I showed them, LOL. I have since removed them, ya just look silly at my age with too many piercings.

  • man in black
    man in black

    Matthew 23:24 if I remember right said something about straining out the gnat and swallowing the camel.

    Really applies to these comments !

  • fallen_princess

    @ man in black - OMG so true! Who knows what these "Men of God" do behind lcosed doors. I always had this vibe that our PO was into S&M. No lie! His wife was always wearing these leather boots, PVC acessories and dark makeup in the middle of summer even! it wasn't a stretch to imagine a paddle in her hand; and apperently I wasn't the first to think that! You know how gossip makes its rounds in the Kingdumb Hall!

    It feels like a lot of these rules are the GB and BOE injecting their personal preferences into doctrine. and its like a lot of these are so victorian in ideology. Like the one that Eva Luna shared. Pierced ears were considered the mark of a prostitute in western society up until about the turn of the century. Gypsies, who were often prostitutes were the reason this fashion was associated with the oldest profession. Then until about the 40's it was still considered the mark of a loose woman but it was becoming more acceptable ladies fashion. Most earrings back then were screw on's or clips.

    Then we have chaperoned dating. Can anyone say "Gone With the Wind"? Those GB members almost make it a point to keep everyone stuck in the past!

  • Nickolas

    I recall my BIL ranting angrily about his son coming home from grade school with a reader that included some harmless story about pixies. Evil, demon-possessed literature. He vowed that he would be going to the school the next day to lay down the law with the teacher. The poor boy was mortified.

    I feel for you folks. What a screwed up organisation.

  • Violia

    young one

    the slang rule has been around forever. I am old and jws, Christian / religious folk & professional and the college educated just don'tuse slang. ( or use it judiciously )

    I heard a bro say " screwed up" during a talk long time ago, my hubby and I had to walk outside of KH to laugh. He so got counseled on that one but it was too funny.

    dating rules

    group dating only until you were ready to get serious . I don't recall them forcing us to have chaperone's when we single dated, but dating was serious and more than a 2-3 dates was a contract to marry. You would not believe all the elder meetings that have been held over a sister trying to get a bro to marry her b/c he trifled with her .

    everything old is new again. I have been around so long , it is funny to hear folks think some of these rules are new.

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