JW directives you thought were downright stupid

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    Band on the Run

    Speaking of opposers of Jehovah, I toured the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in New York long after I left the Witnesses. The tour guide was explaining the figures in the stained glass. The Founding Fathers of the US, some likeable preAnglican saints, theologians, and then there was Nimrod! Nimrod! At the risk of sounding geekish, I asked how could they cedebrate Nimrod. He was very awful in Witness lore. The guide said he was a might hunter and hunting was a skill from God -in those times. My eyes were bulging out and my heart was beating fast. So I ran home and opened Genesis. I found a moderate account.

    No aluminum. No vaccines. No bangs on women. Only whores wore bangs. No makeup. Only whores wear makeup.

    Their education policy put me in a double bind. They encouraged primary education and certainly you need those skills to function as a Witness. Yet college was a joke and evil. Also, I had to get As in high school to show J's people were sharp but any pride in those grades was super bad. Authority was greatly respected. Yet authority was evil.

    When I was in junior high, I volunteered as a candy striper. The draw was the adorable uniform and hat. My parents were very goal driven. They wanted me to be a secretary or nurse. Nurse became problematic b/c of blood. There were so many Florence Nightingale nursing books back then for teenage girls. Women could only be secretaries, teachers or nurses. I earned credit towards a nursing school scholarship. Every man in the neighborhood was so proud of what I was doing. My mom told me I could not mention it at all at KH. She explained it to me over and over in a nice, understanding manner. I was dense. I saw nothing shameful in helping sick people. My father saw that I loved it and made me quit b/c charity begins at home. I begged to be allowed to be more charitable at home. I caught on about control several years later. Battlelines were drawn.

    The Beatles, Stones, WHO and Dylan were bad, very bad. And I adored the badness. I finally had working papers so I purchased every Beatle single and one album. All were confiscated along with all this British Beatles loot I had from a pen pal who wanted Monkees stuff from America. This was long, long before "Why Don't We Do in the Road" and "Helter Skelter." My parents drove me to JFK to see John and Paul at the airport. Yet they were evil. I'd love to get an old fashioned ghetto blaster and blare Beatles music during a KH meeting. Sympathy for the Devil would be my opening number.

    After the Beatles and Stones, and Magic Busic, My Generation, I Can see for Miles, I'd play some vintage Dylan. Maggie's Farm would be the WTBTS. I turn it up extra loud for the iconic Dylan tune about someday even the President of the United States must stand naked. I literally fought for my life over ownership of an FM radio.

    Women have to wear dresses. Long skirts.

    There is a regular theme. My father would rather we have polio than receive the vaccine. I don't think the Witnesses were ever against it officially. He served at Bethel and had many Rutherford type notions. OMG, he needed oral surgery. There was a big debate whether he could swallow blood. My mother always used her vast JW experience of generations to say we must believe but a grain of salt could be used.

    I did not leave as much as they made it utterly impossible for me to stay. The very people who could best serve are the ones they make certain they chase away.

    Only JWs wil lsurvive the big A. The only people I would not miss and want dead are JWs.

  • fallen_princess

    @ Violia omg, is that true?? It just goes to show how much the GB fears info! They tell us not to look up anything about The borg and its origins anywhere except for in our preapproved litereature but even then, not anything past the Knorr generation. That's just pathetic. I have had this idea about the GB, and yes, yes, it does sound like a pothead's conspiracy but sometimes it feels like the higher ups are like "Ok, this monster has built up steam and not to mention, millions of followers so there is no turning back now. Despite the obvious, looming truth that the whole thing was just a massive prank that got way out of hand, we can't back down now. We'd at the very least look like morons, and at the very worst will be demanding our heads!" It's like they see stuff in the news like Harold Camping and shudder thinking how that could be them if they don't keep up the front! Anybody else feel this way? How about any of you ex-bethelites? Maybe any of you could tell me if I am even lukewarm on this sentiment?

  • Free!!

    What about the cousin that does not answer her cousin's phone call????!!! i am sick as a dog!! :'(

  • Violia

    It is true. I do not have a wt CD, but I believe it was in print. I know I was told this by credible elders that the wts felt it was damaging to our faith ( and their credibility) to read old light and to remove the older books from our personal libraries. They even came over to a older family member b/c I told them they had books possibly back to Russel and asked them to get rid of them .Fortunately I was able to stop that , and my family member thought the elder had lost his mind. they had.

  • cptkirk

    chaperone for adult dating......................................................................................................................................................

  • young_one

    Recently there has been a new rule instituted concerning the use of "euphemisms" to replace cuss words. Jehovah's Witnesses are no longer allowed to say words like "crap", "dang", "shoot", "darn", "gosh", "flippin'", "frickin" and other such terms that are either derived from or facsimiles of real curse words. Though the rule originally applied only within the Kingdom Hall, now Elders and Household Heads are supposed to direct their families/children to abstain from such language in their daily lives.

    Excuses for this dumb rule include:

    -Slippery Slope: If you start using euphemisms, you will gradually adopt a permissive spirit and eventually start cussing like a sailor.

    -Spiritual Cleanliness/Sanctity: If euphemisms are not actively discouraged, they will start infiltrating the congregation meetings, which will be unclean/discouraging/ disrespectful to Jehovah's House.

    -Worldliness: If you mimic worldly traits in any way, you will become worldly, lose a good standing with Jah and die at Armaggedon.

    Stupid. Rule.

  • JRK

    I was counseled about wearing a colored shirt on the platform for the Ministry School; then the CO showed up the next week with a colored shirt on.

    That rule was then flushed down the toilet.


  • punkofnice

    @sd-7 I think the beard issue was pretty stupid

    Yes! The elders don't even know why this is either. I've heard elders exclaim their lack of understanding on this issue but they will wait on Jar Hoover! BARF!!

    I heard it was because Judge Boozerford wanted to pull away from the Charlie Russell look. Typical of that drunken sot to make harsh rules because of his stupified jealousy.

    No blood is another!

  • MrMonroe

    In one congregation I wouldn't be asked to give a prayer at a book study group unless I was wearing a jacket. I was an MS and went to a field service group one evening in summer. I walked in and they were all sitting there like headless chooks working out who was going to lead the group. A couple of them said, "Ah, here's Brother Monroe, he can do it!" ... and then someone else spoke up.

    "He can't do it, he's not wearing a jacket!" So he took the group, wearing his ochre-colored vinyl jacket straining at the buttons.

    I'd always thought I'd be disqualified from taking a field service group if I'd turned up without my pants, but a jacket? Until then I didn't realise how jackets trumped shirts in God's theocratic system.

  • mickeyman1

    BOE of my congregation were trying to solve the very important problem .Whether a brother on the platform could have buttoned his suit only to one button in a hot weather. They were done about the midnight and many elders wifes were waiting for their husbands the whole time in the KH since the end of the meeting (8pm). Since that The brothers are allowed to unbutton some buttons but the one must stay buttoned.

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