JW directives you thought were downright stupid

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  • QuestioningEverything

    At our hall, the sisters weren't allowed to wear shirts with prints on them. An example of this is one time my sister had a shirt that had an anchor with some writing about a yacht club. Another sister pulled us aside and said it was inappropriate to wear that.

    Now, I wonder what scripture that was based on.

  • BluesBrother

    Most of the above are not really "J W Directives", they are "Stupid local elders on a power trip directives" .

    Genuine ones that come from the "Society" include :

    Taking your family on a trip to a Print factory (any branch office) and insist they dress as if they are going to a meeting ..Do the boys and girls there working dress in suits and dresses to work?

    Taking your family to a convention in a hot dusty sports stadium for a whole day or three and insist they dress as if they are going to a meeting.

    Taking your family to a convention in a hot dusty sports stadium for a whole day or three and not allow them to buy so much as a cup of tea or a cold drink ( I once wrote and told them that they were downright inhospitable - you may imagine the reply!)

    As above and telling them not to leave the stadium at lunchtime to buy some grub...

    Telling the flock not to watch popular TV including soap operas

    Telling the flock not to listen to wonderful music.

    Stressing the importance of "all five meetings" then suddenly cancelling the Group Study so the flock has more time to watch popular TV including soap operas

  • loosie

    lol I guess oinly baotized brothers know how to sprial bind.....lmbo

  • fallen_princess

    LOL! @ all of these! I do remember the one about the white button shirts when the brothers gave talks. They tried to enforce that one for a few months in my KH but that one didn't stick for very long. I think the reason they gave was that we should be trying to make the message the center focus, and not our attire. There was one similar for the sisters too that makes more sense. The sisters had to wear skirts that hung past their calves when they were to participate in the school because they ran the risk of flashing people from the platform! (It HAS happened much to the embarassment of the sister)

    @yourmomma - WOW... just wow.. lol

  • dozy

    The list of dumb directives from "Mother" continues to this day. The latest is that brothers with shaven heads can't be used on the District convention program unless they are balding or they have sported the hairstyle for many years. And that sisters can't be used as volunteers in the parking department as they are "directing brothers." And that the recordings from the convention cannot be copied , so that each congregation only has one for (sometimes) many brothers & sisters who want it. And dare we mention the Bethel dress instructions that even many loyal JWs thought were ludicrous.

    The WTBTS never misses any opportunity to "go beyond what is written."

  • NewChapter

    Stressing the importance of "all five meetings" then suddenly cancelling the Group Study

    I never thought about that before! How DID the bookstudy, which was SO VITAL, just get dropped without starving the flock?


  • minimus

    Family worship night is stupid.

  • SweetBabyCheezits

    What SD-7 said.

    Also, when I saw the thread title, I immediately thought back to the Circuit Assembly where it was stated that "decade theme parties" were inappropriate for Christians. Some BS about 'glamorizing Satan's world as it existed in that era.'

    Even as a devout, unquestioning, young JW, I was pissed. I'd thrown a 70's party not long before that talk, which was one of the best parties I had ever been to, and I kid you not, I had attended upwards of three parties by that point in my life.

    Anyways, we're gonna celebrate the hell outta Halloween this year. Can't wait.

  • outsmartthesystem

    I actually know of a family that had a get together at their house. It was supposed to be a "costume" get together. But the elders put the kibosh on that. The family then suggested biblical characters as the costumes. This was ok per the elders....unless of course someone dared to show up as someone that is an opposer of Jehovah! out of fear that someone may do this....the whole thing was squelched again

    And believe it or not I knew an elder personally that did not condemn people but sure made sure to question their love of things that are holy. His basis? Deviled eggs. Don't touch the unclean thing includes staying away from such God dishonoring foods.

  • Latte

    It was announced that it was inappropriate for sisters to wear 'cullotes' ...i mean just how much more 'modest' could you get than wearing cullotes which actually looked like I really full skirt??? ( you remember the style?)


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