Why Won't They Carbon Date This?

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    Original soft tissue, blood vessels, original bone material, proteins in "65 million" year old dinosaurs are all beyond dispute now.

    SIGH--why do you keep perpetuating this untruth? FOSSILS do you understand? NOT soft tissue etc--not even original bone. BUT minerals that replaced original substances to retain the shape and give us a sort of footprint to examine. FOSSILS. Your soft tissue exists in the same realm as your god.

    Civiliazation popped up about 5 thousand years ago in Babylon wich was called Sumer, they were very advanced

    they understood mathematics beyond their need and they could plot the stars.

    As a student of history, I'd like to comment on this. Complex Civilization is generally defined as such if a society have the following:

    Domesticated agriculture that uses pack animals. So not only do they plant and harvest, they have harnassed animal power---high tech for the day.

    Division of Labor: Society is organized so efficiently that all members no longer need to be hunter/gatherers or even farmers. Some can specialize in other crafts. Which leads us to:

    Metalurgy" The ability to manipulate metal for useful functions--which goes beyond simply pounding out symbolic shapes. This led us from stone age to bronze age. A fantastic jump is when plows--now pulled by oxen--were crafted with metal tips.

    A writing system: Something beyond mere symbols, but a way to transmit intricate language and ideas. Cuneiform was developed in Mesopotamia.

    Social stratification: Hunter/gatherer societies are egalitarian out of necessity. No one owned more than they could carry and individuals had to work for the good of the entire group. Harnassing agriculture allowed people to settle and begin accumulating wealth. This led to natural social divisions.

    Urban Centers: Once agriculture was established, outlaying areas naturally farmed and supported urban centers. Remember not everyone had to be farmers anymore nor in the business of providing food. The country fed the city--as it does today. But the cities were centers of operation for tradesmen and craftsmen. This is another defining feature of an advanced civilization.

    There are more characteristics and they vary from scholar to scholar but the above are just a few to consider. MESOPOTAMIA did NOT suddenly POP up! This was a long process, and like Egypt, location near rivers enabled these two to develop the oldest complex societies. The world was still full of hunter gatherers, and other societies that were at different positions on the civilization scale. But the fact is, both Mesopotamia and Egypt were once hunter/gatherers and grew out of the same circumstances that the rest of the world was still evolving from. Their unique locations allowed them to advance more quickly.

    I'd also like to point out that most scholars place Mesopotamian Complex Society at 3100 (small edit because I misunderstood original posters dates). Egypt runs a close second at 3000 bce.

    I don't post this for you, because I've come to understand that cognitive dissonance can be nearly insurmountable. I post it for lurkers and others that would like to look at history and see how the bible compares.

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    Jaguarbass do you just make up stuff out of nothing?

    Eddie Izzard explains it in nice simple words even Perry could follow.


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    Maybe God, Jesus, and Satan were sitting around getting high or drunk and decided it would be funny to put old stuff in the ground. Would that fit with the facts from the Bible? We were punked!

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    Only on the internet, folks! :D

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    I take it Jaguarbass is joking.....

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    Oh......*walks away shaking head in disbelief*

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    Now you have to say, that is just about the funniest thing you have read here, no? ;D

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    There werent as many big dinosaurs as there were buffalo.


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