Why Won't They Carbon Date This?

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  • Perry

    1. And human fossils in the lower cretaceous ..... insignificant?

    I refer seekers to a book written from a nonchristian perspective entitled "Forbidden Archaeology - The Hidden History of the Human Race." The authors are Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson. Other books on this subject but written from a Christian perspective are "Footprints and the Stones of Time" by Dr. Carl Baugh & Dr. Clifford Wilson and "Why Do Men Believe Evolution Against All Odds" by Dr. Carl Baugh.

    2. And the geologic column /index fossil circular tautology? This is what many ex-jws replaced their responsibility to God with after leaving?? Running from one false tower to another won't produce any more fruit that the first one did.

    “The rocks do date the fossils, but the fossils date the rocks more accurately. Stratigraphy cannot avoid this kind of reasoning … because circularity is inherent in the derivation of time scales.” - Pragmatism Versus Materialism in Stratigraphy,” for the American Journal of Science. (1976)

    I mean I really don't get it. I toyed with agnosticism aqnd atheism after leaving as most JW's do, but a little reasearch cleared all that up for me. Original soft tissue, blood vessels, original bone material, proteins in "65 million" year old dinosaurs are all beyond dispute now.

    Why isn't this fairy tale going the way of the dinosaur like the now discredited (but originally highly supported in peer-reviewed scientific literature) man-made global warming hoax? So sad.

  • bohm


    Same tired crap which you return to spew every few months.

    Apparently, if we dont buy what amount to really really poor argument and evidence, jesus will burn is in hell forever.

  • ProdigalSon

    One day in the not too distant future, when we have open communication with the approximately 67 MILLION inhabited worlds just in the Milky Way Galaxy alone, the arrogance and absurdity of a six-day creation event just for this one tiny little planet will be painfully obvious. Thankfully, because many of our neighbors are more evolved than we are, they will let us off the hook under the "ignorance is bliss" loophole.

  • cantleave

    Is it the parrot that writes Perry's posts?

  • Terry

    Hey, Perry! Good to see you back. Where have you been? We still need to get together for coffee sometime.

    Whenever I've asked religious people to discuss dinosaurs I get the same razzle dazzle reasoning you've alluded to above in the scientific community.

    There is a reluctance to deal with reality somewhere between these two groups. Should we conclude they are dishonest people, misled, stupid or in the throes of cogitive dissonance?

    What is your appraisal, kind sir?

  • shamus100

    I'll give you guys reality.

    Perry, let me play with your bird. Please. I wouldn't harm it.

    Your bird needs to have some fun.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Once Perry gets into circular reasoning, there's no point in trying to get him out of his circle. Best to just feed it.

    Adding to Terry's thoughts, it is clear that virtually all of the scientific community are servants of the demons. They don't seem to have a valid reason for such a huge deception, so that must be it. Why else would they change thousands of years into millions?

    Since they avoid the real truth, it must be that none of them are real atheists/agnostics. They are blaspheming evil ones that want people to worship them instead of the true God.

    It couldn't be anything else.

    What puzzles me- If God was done with the dinosaurs, why didn't He just say that not all the animals made it into the ark? One single sentence and we would all have had to recognize the truth from the Bible, all of us. It could have even just been part of a sentence: "...except for the animals YHWH had no need for."

  • shamus100

    ** the monkey gets near the circle, tries to snatch the bird, and gets sucked into the vortex **


  • EntirelyPossible

    I'll save you, monkey!

  • shamus100

    Get the bird, GET THE BIRD!!! DON'T THINK ABOUT ME! THE BIRD NEEDS TO BE SAVED!!!! How people could harm defensless animals is beyond me.

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