the global Noahic flood is truth

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  • undercover

    That's not my assertion... That quote belongs to "godrulz" who said it on a thread introducing a newbie. Instead of hijacking that one, I thought I'd repeat here.

    Now, Mr. Godrulz... are you prepared to back that statement up with some proof?

  • shamus100

    Proof of Noah's flood?

    Are you mad?

    It's no different than Chem trails - vague speculation, LOL.

  • cantleave

    I await the proof

  • unshackled

    Its in the bible so it must be true, duh.

  • bottleofwater
  • sir82

    Drinking game suggestion:

    Every time God Drools or some other fundy uses the thought "Jesus said it really happened - are you callin' Jesus a liar?", down a shot of bourbon.

    We'll all be stone blind drunk before page 3.

  • badseed

    I didn't want to hijack that thread either with the question and almost started a thread myself. So godrulz, are you ready to prove the flood actually occured. Quoting the bible and Jesus on this does not constitute proof, well in my opinion anyway.

    Go for it.

  • ProdigalSon

    It's no different than Chem trails - vague speculation, LOL.

    Your obsession with and fear of this subject of chemtrails is becoming painfully and glaringly obvious.

    Comparing an ancient myth, that actually has some spiritual and historical value if not taken literally, with tangible, present-day pollution in the sky is utterly absurd.

  • Kosonen

    Let me tell my opinion. It is true. Jesus confirmed it. And other places in the scriptures confirm it also. And the ark of Noah has been found and it is an archeological tourist attracton in Turkey.

  • leavingwt

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