the global Noahic flood is truth

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  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Once again cantleave I'm with you for I have seen our lord and savior in person in all of his glory...Turns out he likes to vacation at atlantis in the bahama's.

  • darth frosty
  • unshackled

    This thread needs some counterproof that the flood actually happened. All the evidence so far points to no flood.

    So deal with this piece of evidence from do explain this one you science hotshots?

  • shamus100

    Thank you, DF. Please be on notice that this may not make the James Woods official "on topic". You may be asked to delete it, since it does not directly have to do with Noahs Ark.

    Thanks again, and satan bless. :D

  • unshackled

    Yes, stay on topic Shamus!

    Now for something completely different...

  • kazar

    Well, this started out being a serious thread (at least I thought so). I ended up LMAO! Thanks.

  • jam

    I have it, I understand. 4000-5000 yrs. ago people were much

    smaller, animals were little , tiny creatures. God new this would

    happen , so he created small people and miniature animals, so

    they can all fit into ark.. Ok, A long shot, but this is just as logical

    as other explanation to prove there was A global flood.

  • jdhf

    Of course there's the issue of microbes and contagious diseases too...they could not have all survived intact without killing noah and co. And the diseases would have to have had hosts to survive those conditions. What about a localised flood that covered the known world? Thoughts please.

  • MrFreeze

    Even if there was a large wooden boat 4000 years ago or so, do you think it would have survived that time? Why are they looking for a giant boat somewhere in Turkey?

  • moshe

    Just prove the flood didn't happen- just like Saddam Hussein had to prove he didn't have any WMDs burried someplace in Iraq.

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