I am considering suicide...

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  • partydelights

    Dear Nebeska Nada,

    I'm new here, but I'm also "new" as to leaving WT. Hence, I still remembers lots of things in WT.

    One thing for sure: People OUTSIDE WT are not as mean as her Elders.

    Elders ONLY interest is image of WT (directly or indirectly). Our life (alive or dead) is secondary to them.

    But ever since I left WT and joined a Church, I realized there are many, many, many people worldwide (often condemned by WT, e.g. Church Pasrtors, Counsellors) are actually very, very loving people. In fact many are humble enough to acknowledge they are inexperience with ex-JW and expressed their lack in ability to help. But one thing for sure, they're there when you need a listening ear.

    Personally, I encourage you to remove all fears, walk into a mainline Church (I personally recommend Baptist, Methodist, Angelican or Presbyterian and avoid Charismatic like Assembly of God, Pentacostal for starters,... sorry for those there, no bad intention by me,...) and talk to the Pastor. These are the initial "WT Obstacles" to overcome:

    1) The cross. It's not an idol. It's like the Ark of Covenant. It represents God's presence. NO ONE IN THE CHURCH KNEEL DOWN AND WORSHIP IT.So the presence of the cross represents the presence of Christ with the Church, not for the purpose of worship.

    2) The Hierarchy. Yes, there are Pastors, Reverends, Bishops, etc around. But there are also Elders, Ministerials Servants, CO, DO, ZO, GB, etc, etc, etc, in WT. Much more than the Church Hierarchy if you look into Bethel hierarchy. This hierarchy system is for the operation of the Church. Go there and see whether they are given God-like powers like the Elders in WT. You'll be surprises they call you "brother" out of a real heart.

    3) The Trinity. Temporary put aside. But rest assured, after you study the scriptures properly, after you overcome WT influence and convinced that the "Trinity" brochure published by WT quoted many "Trinitarians" out of context, then you can praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as THREE PERSONS in ONE BEING in spirit and truth. (e.g. The Human BEING has Father, Mother, Son, Daughter. They are all individuals. But they all belongs to the Human Being.) We'll talk about this if you're ready.

    Finally, try occupy your mind on spiritual thoughts. Visit forums like this one frequently. Do not be afraid to read Bibles other than the NWT daily. A scripture I like to share with you as closing words is 1 John 4:18 "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love." (NIV) Yes. Overcome the fear WT instilled into you. True love from God has no fear. Taste it and believe it.

    In Love,


    PS: Please, as many has spoken, I likewise echoed "Seek help, medical or otherwise". My wife said "Not worth dying for WT. Live so that you can fight it."

  • factfinder

    @Nabraska Nada- Hang in there.

  • factfinder

    @Knowsnothing- thank you! That kitty is adorable! So cute!

  • skeeter1

    Hang in there. Hospitals and, even the Salvation Army will lend you a really big hand. A hospital will help you find help, and there are many organizations.

    I wish I could send you the triple chocolate ice cream that's in my fridge!

  • Rocky_Girl

    Nebeska Nada, can you post a line to let us know how you are doing tonight?

  • sizemik

    Nebeska Nada . . . just found your thread.

    Mate . . . I've stood on the chair with my head in a noose staring at the floor for an hour . . . I'm not shittin' you.

    For the sake of friends and family only . . . I got some help.

    That was 6 years ago and now life is great and just keeps getting better every day.

    Take it from one who knows . . . when they call it a permanent solution to a temporary problem . . . nothing truer has been said.

    It will get better . . . don't do a dumb thing . . . not on their account.

    We're all here for you dude.


  • umadevi

    I know life can be tough at times and we may not always be in control of the things that happen to us. Please talk to someone. If you feel there is no one to relate your problems you can always pour out your heart on this forum. Life is a gift Nebeska Nada , please don't give it up for anything.

  • jamiebowers

    I read somewhere that the vast majority of people who survive suicide attempts regretted their decision right before they thought they were going to die. Get professional help asap. There's so much happiness outside of the Watchtower, but you have to be alive to find it.

  • sizemik

    Something I learned . . .

    Suicide victims don't actually want to end their life . . . they want to end their pain . . . which becomes unbearable, totally unbearable. Knowing that the pain can be ended another way . . . and it can . . . is what you must know and believe.

    Those of us that know that pain, and are still here, are living testimony . . . it is possible. And aren't we glad that it is.

  • jeckle

    zasto ?

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