I am considering suicide...

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  • ziddina

    OKAY he's back!!


    Zid's not so worried now...

    Nebaska!! Please take the excellent advice to seek some help! [besides us, that is.... We love you but we can't help you as much as a therapist can...]


  • sizemik

    Nebeska Nada . . .

    We're not here FOR you . . . we're here WITH you . . .

    So many of us have shared these feelings . . . it's a commonality beyond words.

    The WTS is a human mincing machine . . . much as we like to belittle it . . . it weilds great power . . . the power to destroy lives.

    Feelings of ill-will, malice and hatred toward WTS is normal, legitimate and completely warranted . . . similar feelings toward yourself are not.

    Like a previous poster experienced, I too have witnessed the loss of life THEY have caused. One was a beautiful, big-hearted, gentle, caring and incredibly talented young man whose only crime was to fall in love. You have no idea how much I hate them for that.

    You don't need a monastary . . . this world is full of beautiful people . . . this Forum proves that.

    My experience has been such that the professionals involved in mental health care are among the most caring we might find. Don't be afraid to seek their help . . . some things we just need a little help with . . . and for a great many besides yourself . . . repairing our lives after WTS have had their way with us, is definitely one of those times.

    Do what you know is best . . . and keep posting. We need you as much as you need us.

    My best wishes to you in coming days.


  • discreetslave

    Size milk said "Suicide victims don't actually want to end their life . . . they want to end their pain . . . which becomes unbearable, totally unbearable. Knowing that the pain can be ended another way . . . and it can . . . is what you must know and believe.

    Those of us that know that pain, and are still here, are living testimony . . . it is possible. And aren't we glad that it is."

    I totally agree. I too have been stuck in the dark cloud. Continue to reach out & get help.

    Freeing myself from their mental grip has been indescribable I get giddy over my thought of being physically free.

    This scripture always got me through the dark days don't let the use of it by WT cloud the comfort it truly gives please follow along with me friends

    Isaiah 41:9-11 you, whom I have taken hold of from the extremities of the earth, and you, whom I have called even from the remote parts of it. And so I said to you, ‘You are my servant; I have chosen you, and I have not rejected you. 10 Do not be afraid, for I am with you. Do not gaze about, for I am your God. I will fortify you. I will really help you. I will really keep fast hold of you with my right hand of righteousness.’
    11 “Look! All those getting heated up against you will become ashamed and be humiliated. The men in a quarrel with you will become as nothing and will perish. 12 You will search for them, but you will not find them, those men in a struggle with you. They will become as something nonexistent and as nothing, those men at war with you. 13 For I, Jehovah your God, am grasping your right hand, the One saying to you, ‘Do not be afraid. I myself will help you.’

    In verse 11 "the men at quarrel with you" means in your case the WBTS & its minions take comfort for God promises in verse 12 "they will become as something nonexistent & as nothing" The God who can not lie has promised this to you dear brothers & sisters. Do not lose heart remember the words of the Psalmist "In God I have put my trust. I shall not be afraid. What can earthling man do to me?". We must not dear friends allow Satan & his publicity agents to break our integrity. We are in a fight, a fight for our lives.

  • snowbird

    Thank you, Jesus!

    Discreet Slave, you just said a mouthful.

    May all of us be blessed.


  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    Time lost is time lost but isn't it a blessing to know what is truth and what isn't? Free , Free at last........ you been a slave so long it takes time to acclimate. Read, read read .... if you think it will help you here about others escape. If not then go to school or just look at all the avenues open now for improving yourself. Some books are, 30 years a slave of the WT, Crisis of Conscience by Franz and even the new book by Rob Bell "Love Wins"

    it shows that that all is not lost for you or me. No way is it lost, no way .....be of good cheer and work your way free.

  • KW13

    I hope you stay here and find comfort, because the people here are just like you and many of them have been in the same dark place.

    Suicide does not fix anything and there is no return from that point. At least right now, options may present themselves that will allow you to be happy.

    I would recommend you start to write a diary, put all your thoughts and feelings into it and use it to reason things out. Write it as though you are writing to a friend you trust. That way, you cannot be judged or hurt but you can still offload and get things out of your head.

    Don't let the Watchtower Society rob you of the most important thing you have - Life. It, YOU are too important. All those memories, thoughts and feelings - good or bad will one day make you a balanced and strong person, who will be in a position to help others in need!

  • fedup

    Suicide: Permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Don't let a publishing company, headed by old farts, who's only interested in pushing magazines down people's throat get to you. They're not men of God, they're simply Company men.

    There's lots of love out there to be found amigo, hang in there.

  • clarity

    The words of encouragement from many beautiful people have been written...not with ink, but with blood, sweat, tears and a whole lot of grit.

    They've been to the edge of the precipice and survived.

    Imagine the loss .... had they not.

    Your words help us all.


  • snowbird

    Beautiful people!


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    'Tis lovely to see your grumpy face again Comrade.


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