Do you yearn to know what we are, and why we are here, before you die?

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  • prophecor

    I agree God Rulz that the universe is not in relation to God and that we are in a fallen condition. God does not tollerate sin. Christ is our go between to redeem man from his fallen condition until we return to a fully functioning, proper relationship with Almighty God. The universe, creation, is groaning, everyday, awaiting the revealing of the sons' of God. God will return the universe to its proper state, one day.

    I'm greatful that he has allowed it to continue down even to this dark hour, as I would have never had an opportunity to be here, or to take advantage of the opprtunity laid before me. There is pain in this life, yes, but the benefits package that comes when we are deemed faithful for having suffered and survived this transitory human existence can never be compared with. This life, with all its toil and toys is but a futile waste at best. What is there in this universe that is beyond having a knowledgeable and goodly working relationship with one's creator? What do you exchange in place of that?

  • kazar

    Yes, I do yearn for the answers to those questions.....still.

  • jaguarbass

    Prodigal Son, The Illumanati that Tsarion speaks of which I am familiar and have read about, is why I dont simply

    dismiss Sitchin. There is a lot of disinformation.

    Regardless of Sitchin The Illuminati is what is playing out now, today.

    To me Sitchin just explains where the Illuminati came from.

    Michael Tillingers Slave species of God explains Sitchin much simpler and plainer.

    Even if Sitchin is wrong, I'm very aware of the Illuminati.

    I'm watching Tsarions 19 videos on the Future of man, thanks for the info.

    I think you and he are preaching to the choir when you talk to me about the illuminati.

    Sitchin talks about the Nephilim, who are the fathers of the Illuminati and their constantly causing wars.

    He's written like 10 books on the subject.

  • finding my way
    finding my way

    Godrulz, Wow.. My "goodness is like filthy rags". I can't say that your arrogance moves me to believe a thing you have to say. Doesn't sound Christ like to me. Also you know one, maybe a few statements from me on this forum. You don't know if I'm lazy, apathetic or ignorant. In fact, I stated in my post that I was exploring some new ideas. I didn't even say if I believed in them. God gave me free will and he knows my heart. I was locked in a box of JW BS from age 2- 23 I WILL explore!! I can read whatever I wish and my motives are good and my own. If you believe in Gods Wrath I'd be wary of your judgemental arrogant attitude.

  • still thinking
  • godrulz

    Rom. 1-3 shows that apart from Christ our supposed 'goodness' is like filthy rags to a holy God. We all fall short of His glory and perfection. It is not arrogance to say what God says about the human condition apart from Him. Without seeing our sin and condemnation, we will not see our need for a great Savior (we cannot save ourselves). It is humility vs pride to recognize this.

  • jgnat

    For godrulz: God created the whole earth and called it "good". We have a day of rest every week to celebrate. Surely an inquiring mind and gentle heart are similarly "good".

  • ballistic

    I think that the day we unlock the mysteries of science, the true nature of atoms, sub atomic particles and the nature of their existence, we will probably unlock a floodgate of information as to why the universe is here, and us. I think at that point religion will almost merge with science, or there will be no need for religion.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    i also continue to search and read and right now Sitchen is definately on my radar he has alot to say with considerable evidence.

    I don't know that I will find out what I want to know before i die but i will continue to bang my head against the brick wall hopeful that i can chip away at the big mysteries. I can't stop it is who I am.

  • godrulz

    jgnat: God said creation was 'very good' BEFORE the Fall of man. After the Fall, He was grieved to the core and regretted making man and wiped most of them out in the Flood. The Fall necessitated His death for us. If it was unnecessary for reconciliation/redemption, we would not have the cross/gospel. Rom. 1-3; Eph. 2, etc. presents us as condemned sinners, rebels, at enmity with God, selfish, falling short of the glory and perfection of God, missing the mark, etc. In light of His holy Law based on His character, we fall short no matter how 'good' we are. The image of God is defaced/marred, not erased. We can do 'good' things, but it won't save us. The gospel is an accurate picture from God's perspective. We will always overemphasize our goodness and minimize our badness. Only the cross can bridge the gap between holy God and sinful man. This does not take away from generic goodness that even the godless are capable of. We can also enjoy creation and rest without giving glory to God. I appreciate temporal life, but eternal issues are paramount.

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