I've Decided That It'll Be Best For Me To Return To The Kingdom Hall.

by Philadelphia Ponos 116 Replies latest jw friends

  • EntirelyPossible

    I don't drink, smoke, have sex, go to clubs, listen to worldly music, watch movies, or gamble.

    I don't drink, smoke, have sex, go to clubs, listen to worldly muisc watch movies or gamble either!

    Ok, I don't gamble.

  • Satanus

    Good luck. Do what you think is best. As some said, maybe a job change would be good, in any case.


  • sizemik
    It's not a harmful cult. It's not a cult period. The concept of a “cult” in your mind is simply a slang term for an organization you have personal issues with. So the religion is not for you. This doesn't mean it's not for everyone.

    maze . . . here you go again telling me what is going on in my mind . . . that's the 2nd time in as many days.

    If you are a mind reader . . . then you are a very poor one . . . the concept of a cult in my mind is quite different from your "all-knowing" declaration above. There are several definitions of a cult and much has been written about the subject, which I have familiarised myself with. JW's are a harmful cult, period.

    If you disagree . . . fine. But why do you make accusations and infer bad motives to someone you don't even know? . . . it's called slander . . . and is condemned in the bible . . . you are being very unchristian and at the same time, very JW . . . which only serves to prove my point.

    It's very typical of cult members to attribute bad motives to, and condemn their critics . . . if the shoe fits?

    You are being flippant and arrogant . . . again. The time to take a look at yourself is long overdue . . . but I'm not holding my breath.

  • yknot

    ya maze is Rachel-Alice.....

    but back to PP.....


    You do what you have to .......this is your journey and sometimes we have to double back.

    I actively attend.

    Keep posting.... I would appreciate reading your experience and comments!


  • OnTheWayOut

    That plan sounds so lame. Why not go visiting churches until you find the one that lies less than WTS.

  • strymeckirules

    so on judgement day when god askes you why you returned to the jdubs, you will say "I couldn't find my place in the world and so i went back to the jdubs."

    then he might ask, "what about all the blasphemy they are responsible for? don't you realize by sideing with them you will receive the same judgement?"

    then what do you say?

    think about the eternal consequenses you face in the decisions you make now.

    those under law are tried by the same law. all jdubs carry bibles and so all jdubs will be judged according to the words in the bible.

    if you failed to understand the words in the book, it's YOUR fault. after all, you are also the one preaching what that book says.

    remember, just because you don't agree with something the jdubs do or say, if you are a jdub you will be considered a jdub on judgement day.

  • Retrovirus

    PP, I'm confused.

    When you started to post, you were planning to return to the jws in about a year. So, is this a continuation or have you changed your mind back and forth since then?

    Not that there's anything wrong with changing your mind.

    Also, knowing what you do about the governing body, could you go out in field service and try for new recruits?

    Best wishes in any case, Retro

  • godrulz

    In light of the wealth of info out there, there is no excuse to listen to WT and just uncritically trust them, especially given their shoddy track record. It will not be an excuse that we are misled by false prophets when we could have known better. Those who sell all to promote Camping are culpable for being stupid and disobedient to Scripture.

  • jay88

    If it is all BS anyway, why not be in BS you can cope with? or at least walk away at anytime and not lose anything.

    If Being JW was about morals, then the leaders would be first in line to enter their version of hell.

    With that said, it just seems like you are going through a confusing time in your life,........

    Do U.

    Don't forget to post your experiences, so all can learn

    take care,


  • mrsjones5

    I don't drink, smoke, have sex, go to clubs, listen to worldly music, watch movies, or gamble. (Although not to seem self righteous I must confess that on ocassion I do look at pornography .)

    Hm, let's see how I stack up: I rarely drink, don't smoke, I do have sex (married which doesn't really make a difference cuz I did it before marriage), rarely go to clubs (got kids and I don't have the energy for it anyway - did that in my 20's, I got my memories), I love "worldly music" kingdom music is crap, yup I watch movies - even the "R" ones - I'm 45 for goodness sake, I think I can handle it, I don't gamble - don't really see the point - $20 at the slots and I'm done, and last but not least - I do enjoy a porno every once in a while.

    I guess I'm just a heathen.

    Good luck back at the hall Ponos. Better you than me.

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