I've Decided That It'll Be Best For Me To Return To The Kingdom Hall.

by Philadelphia Ponos 116 Replies latest jw friends

  • FlyingHighNow

    A job is a precious commodity. I find ways to get along with people. JW's convince you that your only recourse is to shun people and be passive aggressive. Why not just find ways to lighten up the conversation and steer it other directions. Find your sense of humor.

  • umadevi
  • still thinking
    still thinking

    I am not a big fan of other churches...but in your case I would recommend trying a few to see how you like them. You will at least find other people there who have similar values to yourself and give a bit of balance to your work life. Of course they will not be perfect...but lets face it...neither are the people at the kingdom hall.

  • steve2

    Hey folks, it's likely our generous advice is simply going in one ear and out the other. As more than a few of us have said, he's fully entitled and able to go back. End of story.

    But there is something about PP that hungers for wider acceptance and understanding - which is probably why he has posted his decision here - of all places! At heart, he values security and belonging over honesty and integrity. perhaps what PP wants us to say is,

    "Hey, we understand where you're coming from. It's a scary world out there. It's important to feel secure and have a place where you belong. Go well!"

  • Fadeout
    I don't drink, smoke, have sex, go to clubs, listen to worldly music, watch movies, or gamble.

    I enjoy an occassional beer/wine, never smoked, don't have sex, never gone to a club, do listen to worldly music (isn't all music other than the JW songbook worldly?), watch movies infrequently, and gambled once (one dollar, of which i lost five cents).

    I'm not real comfortable with most raunchy talk but that's OK because in the business world we generally aren't cursing a blue streak while talking about our sexual escapades. I imagine other industries are different, but the shirt-and-tie work world is probably a natural environment for an ex-JW.

    The WT brainwashed us for years that there are two choices: JWs or "the World." What they never told us is that the World comprises a countless number of individual subcultures, many of which are nothing like what the WT would have us believe. You just need to look around a bit for a more positive environment; it's out there, and the JWs ain't it.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Best you go banging on doors preaching an Armageddon that never comes so that you look like just as big a dickhead as Camping and my parents, then.

    Have a nice life.

    Obey the rules and stay away from bad people like me....

    Come back when you are ready



  • JRK

    Wow. You have your shit together, but want to shoot your co-workers. Yes, the JW's are a good place for you. You have everything dialed in!

  • eruption

    If I had a shit job, perhaps felt a little intimidated and socially isolated at work, maybe lacked friends for support and encouragment, I too would look back at more peacefull times, but that will only serve to mask what I feel you need to do, start by getting assertive, (no guns please ) If you feel that you are numerically outnumbered,you may have to leave or take your concerns to someone higher up, but one way or another dealing with the issues your facing at work, will help big time. Just going to a KH, is not going to alter the fact that when, back at work your really pissed off, you need to deal with that, Why dont you post here with a little more detail on what has happened at work ? what you have done already to resovle this ? then WE can give you advice further to assist you with your work situation,Cheers.

  • finallyfree!

    make sure not to buy a gun before u go back to request re-instatement. the elders will certainly deny you several times if they know you left for "apostacy". my ex got denied 2 times just for adultery.

    new york times

    june 3, 2011

    "3 jehovahs witness elders shot dead at kingdumb hall"

    it was a grisly scene. pushed to the edge by 3 pompeous wannabe's, pp couldnt take the guilt and rejection he was getting from his former religion after he left for a brief stint. investigation revealed that 2 of the victims had priors for sexual harrassement, stalking, and child molestation. the third victim had "loads" of porn, including illegal child pornography.

    lol!! sorry dude i have a twisted sense of humour, but i wish you all the best. remember... "the world will only be what you choose to see for yourself."

  • sizemik

    Alas . . . it would seem PP has re-boarded the crazy train . . .

    Could be a simple case of "the grass is greener . . . " in which case he'll be back before they get the chance to punch his ticket . . . here's hoping.

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