I've Decided That It'll Be Best For Me To Return To The Kingdom Hall.

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  • Honesty

    PP, read the posts from Maze on this thread and ask yourself,

    "Do I really want to return to be surrounded by people with that mental perception of others?"

    Wait a minute.

    Maybe you already have that mental perception of others since you want to buy a gun and cause harm to your co-workers.

    Your inclination to murder can be effectively controlled if you return to the kingdom hall

    Your screwed up subconscious will trick you into believing that the sadistic Watchtower god is going to soon murder all those people you despise.

  • Mary
    I've never planned on becoming a JW again when I left, but the world bascially forced me to go back. I need something to counter all the negative vibes I get from my job.

    Why don't you try getting another job and read the bible at home at nights?

    When I return however I won't go out in field service nor join the school and I will split my time between serveral congregations and not become a member of a single congregation.

    Uh, ya right. And you really think that the elders aren't going to have a little chat with you over that? Witnesses are not allowed to "split their time between several congregations", because (and you should know this already), this religion is extremely controlling and they want to know exactly what you're doing, when you're doing it and how you're doing it. Plus, if you don't plan on going out in Field Serve-Us, you'll be getting several 'sheppherding visits' regarding that. Overall, your plan is counter-productive. You claim you want to go back but you don't want to do any of the "Witness things" like sticking to your assigned congregation, giving talks or going out hammering on doors Saturday morning. How many Witnesses do you think will want to hang around you when you will clearly be viewed as "weak in the truth"?

    It's your decision of course, but it doesn't sound like you've really thought this through.......

  • undercover
    I've Decided That It'll Be Best For Me To Return To The Kingdom Hall.


  • rocketman

    You're thinking of buying a gun and using it? You've got more problems than the Kingdom Hall can solve, bud.

  • leavingwt

    Pick a cult with better food and music. The food and music at the Kingdom Hall really sucks.

  • gutted

    If I just find 10 JWs to be friends with and the other 6,999,990 are complete jerks, it'll still be much better than my current situation.

    From my experience you can't have real friends in the JWs. I was always on guard with what I talked about, I couldn't express my real doubts or issues and if I did to some extent, what do I get? "Wait on Jehovah/new world/etc". I find with my new friends I don't have to be as guarded with what I say and hide my feelings, which is ultimately more healthy. There is no real discussion of issues with JWs because they have all the answers and will repeat the same loaded language time after time.

    If you are ok with friends like that, and don't want to put in effort to find real friends, I say go for it.

    Best of luck to you.

  • anniegirl76

    Dear Philly,

    I am saddened by your decision to return, but even more so by the responses you have received here. This is supposed to be a place for support, with that being said, I ask you to reconsider. Separation from the KH and all it holds is tremedously stressful, all you have known is there. Trust me when I say it is worth it. I do not smoke, drink or speak vulgarly. I do have sex because I'm married, LOL! sorry, it was funny to me. It takes an adjusting period, but you also have to be ready to let go of the KH completely, if you are not, then your best decision is to go back until you are ready. My prayers are with you in your journey to find you.



  • DesirousOfChange

    PP, whatever makes you happy. I look at JW's the same way I look at most other religions, just with a little more cynicism. Knowing what you know about the religion, If you think you'll be happier going to meetings and fraternizing with JW's, more power to you.

    I agree. People on here complain that they are ridiculed by JDubs for leaving. If PP has made the conscious decision that he gains more good than harm by attending meetings, give him a break. Quit ridiculing him for his decision. Some posts have been nasty. A person has to do what they think is best for them and their family. All of this is not an easy decision. It might be easy for those here who were FORCED OUT (NO decision) and have no desire or need to return. To even come here and bother to explain it all was a bold decision when you have already learned how most here feel about the Org.

    Good luck!

  • leavingwt

    DesirousOfChange: Interview a few members of mainstream religions. You'll quickly discover that most religions are not apocalyptic, millenarian, destructive mind-control cults. People can come and go as they please, choosing one denomination over another, without radical changes to their social circle and their family status.

  • Iamallcool

    Do not buy a gun and use it!!!! It is not worth it, man. You would not want to spend time in 3 x 8 Jail Cell for the rest of your life. Murderers only have one hour of free time each day, then they stay in their cells 23 hours a day. I would hate it. Something for you to think about before you buy a gun and use it.

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