Did I Have a Stroke?

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  • Snoozy

    Glad you are having more tests..sounds like you are in capable hands..

    Be sure you also do your own research..it tells you a lot more than the Drs sometimes..also get copies of your tests and you can look up your own results on line..

    What I like about my Dr is she in in a network where they post your chart on line..I can look up the results of my tests before they even get around to calling me. I can also request refills and make appointments there..it's amazing!

    Glad you are OK.Now just find out how to keep you that way..


  • sizemik

    Hi CoCo . . . I hope you're recovery is speedy and complete.

    When you're ready, you must write of the experience.

    Sending love to you my friend.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Sorry, Coco, I haven't read the preceding 5 pages - just hope that you did NOT have a stroke and that you are well and all is good! Wishing you the very best,


  • talesin

    I'm so relieved!

    My friend, as many of you know him, rabbit, had the same symptoms.

    He has a brain tumor. No secret, many here know it.

    Warning stroke,,, I know you will take care!

    much love


  • Violia

    When my mother had a stoke the only way I "knew" was her handwriting. It became illegible.

    I once had a very unusual experience in that briefly I could not understand English. I was at work and walking in the door and someone spoke to me in English and I could not understand it at all. They might have been speaking Greek for all I knew. I walked in thinking I was losing my mind and called my neurologist. The on call doc told me that I may have had what is called an aura , an atypical migraine. I later vomited and was so sick but never had a headache. I saw my regular neurologist soon after and he confirmed atypical migraine.

    Seizures can have auras too .
    Having a Tia might not appear on a MRI but a stoke should.

    Take care of yourself . My mother was fine for a very long time , but many years later she did indeed have a brain tumor.


    Charlie, the fonts on the previous page are odd, even in compatibility mode they appear odd.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I am so happy to find today's and earlier messages awaiting me. Thank you so much! I wish I were able to reply to each of you personally.

    I have just returned from an imaging specialist, having had an ultrasound performed on the carotid arteries. They are 100% clear and the blue and red flow is normal. Next week, the neurologist.

    From your personal experiences - thank you for sharing! - I realize that a little symptom might presage the whole enchilada. I am on Aggrenox and Doxazosin. Getting used to meds will take getting used to ...

    Weird about the speech. Wonder what those accustomed to listening to me now think about the current lagging speech of this former-rapid-fire yakker. Long pauses between phrases.

    Well, thanks again so much, dear friends!



  • flipper

    CoCo- Glad to hear you are getting tested in several different areas. Sounds like you are in capable hands . Hang in there - we will all be thinking about you

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    CoCo - wishing you the best of health.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    You're very thoughtful in your concern and thoughts, Mr. Flipper and Cult Classic. I hope all is well with you and your families.

    We all can surely appreciate the loving family we are on JWN.



  • sizemik

    CoCo . . . as you probably know or have been told . . . many stroke symptoms are often temporary. As Flipper said . . . it sounds like you are in capable hands.

    It is nice to see you are still posting your thoughts with your usual grace and eloquence.

    I am very optimistic now that you will come through this largely unscathed . . . perhaps in some ways even better for it.

    Best wishes.

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