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  • pirata
  • umadevi

    Hello burnedout

    Welcome to this site! I'm from Malaysia and in the process of 'fading out'. Keep posting!

  • jamiebowers

    Welcome. At least you can send your kids to college now that you have nothing to lose!

  • TheLoveDoctor

    Welcome burned out, I myself stepped down alittle over a year ago from very active to inactive, not commenting, no school, no service, from missing about 20 meetings in 14 years to missing one a week.

  • grewupjw1969

    Welcome ...

  • punkofnice

    Welcome Burned out. I too am an ex elder. I just couldn't live in that lie once I wokeup from the mind control.

    It was exactly like 'waking up'. I'll NEVER return to that filthy disgusting cult.

  • truthlover

    Welcome BurnedOUt, take it slow-- remember - better to win hearts (your wife's) not arguments--- heard that somewhere..

    If she has close friends/relatives in the truth -they will be talking to her about you eventually, so take it slow with her, leave the "bullshit" attitude out, just show her how available you are for the family now, wives love that. You are doing good with the kids as you have stated, have some date night's with the woman in your life, show her the care and concern you gave the "flock".

  • skeeter1

    Nice to meet you.

    Take the course as wisely as possible. Some people on this board have left with their families, and others, it ended in divorce (and, sometimes, remarraige with another poster). Sometimes, it takes the other spouse a year or two to see that the Organization is, just that, an organganization.

    I have a burning question. What is the congregation make-up and how does that compare to the local community? Older, younger, families, many coming to the Organization, many leaving, many fading, who is leaving, why, etc.? I left in the mid-80s, and always wonder the status of the group given the Internet? I know that traditional religions are very worried that their churches are full of old people, and the young ones are flocking to the newer service styles. I read the PEW research study, where JWs had the largest group of youth leaving (67%). Wondering what you saw.

    Steve Hassan's books are great read. And, it's all general stuff and not targeted to any one religion/cult.


  • Franklin Massey
    Franklin Massey

    Welcome. We share a similar story.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Welcome burnedout. Look forward to more of your input.

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