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  • nugget

    Welcome. I have 2 children 1 with aspergers and the kingdom hall was not the place for him at all. We left last year and were df'd officially this year and we would never go back. Life is better with freedom to be us and to give our children the support they need.

  • TotallyADD

    Welcome to the bright side of the moon. As a former fellow elder I understand completely what you went through. I thought for awhile I was reading my story. Now with that said you now have a great opportunity before you. You said it yourself as you looked around the table and saw your wife and kids in a diffrent light for the first time in awhile. Great, keep seeing that and work hard to keep that going. Also as a burn-out ex-elder give yourself time to heal and to make sense of how you can help your family get out of the clutches of the JW cult. If you have a boy I am sure you would never want him to go through what you have. If you have a girl never would you want her to be subject to some power hungy want to be elder. I know you have alot to deal with and think about. Let this forum be one of the tools to helping you move forward with your life. Great to have a person like you on board. Looking forward to your viewpoints and thoughts on many matters. Take care. Totally ADD

  • OnTheWayOut

    Sorry, I gotta run. But I wanted to welcome you to the forum and mark this so I could find it easier later. I caught from page one that you were burned out. Man, join the club. More later.

  • Quandry

    Welocme to the forum.

    I was "in" for over thirty years. My husband was an elder for twenty. I was always rushing....quickly get two bites of something after work, get books together, dress for the meeting. My child was always rushed. How I wish I had all that time back to just enjoy a beautiful sunset on the back porch, or really just talk without thinking about meeting parts, etc. in the back of your mind. in the world people keep swallowing "generation changes" is beyond me. We were trained not to question, not to research, and not to think...the WTS did all the thinking for you.

    I hope that this weekend you take your family away somewhere and enjoy nature, and just enjoy one another's company.

  • tracylee

    Welcome! I will say that I did chuckle a little when you said you could give a kick ass talk while totally hammered. I used to mix Baileys into my coffee to survive field service.

  • Chariklo


    Sit right down, put your feet up and settle in.

    I only arrived here two weeks ago but it feels like home already.

    Shall I put the kettle on?

  • juci32

    i LOVE to hear these type of stories!!!! welcome aboard!!

  • FirstLastName

    I was once an elders daughter. My dad stepped down when I was young , and he has seemed more "real" and happy to me since then. He had more time for me and my brothers and expanded his "friends" circle.

    Welcome to the board!

  • flipper

    BURNED OUT- So NICE to have you here ! I'm so sorry you've been through so much stress. You are among friends here who have been through similar stresses. I too was a born-in with a dad who was a long time elder, I got out 7 years ago at age 44. Please be assured of our unconditional caring for you and welcome to freedom of mind and thinking here. Thanks for sharing your story , and as one person said, pull up a chair and enjoy yourself here. Take care

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