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  • sizemik

    That is terrible what the cult has done in your life LITS . . .

    Talk about totally F****d up priorities! . . . I can't think how else to describe it

    I have seen your posts previously, but none as comprehensive as your account above. I really just wanted to express my admiration for the uncomprimising stand you made against pedophilia . . . with so much at stake. I salute you . . . you are a person of very real "value"

    If 'karma' really exists, or if God really rewards integrity . . . then you have much to look forward to. Like Grace . . . I hope this comes to pass.

  • Giordano

    A belated welcome Burnedout! I wasn't an elder, we didn't have that title back in the mid sixties but I served where the need was great, pioneered for four years and held three major congregation positions including assn't presiding minister as it was called. Perhaps I was an Elder lite. I gave talks all over the circuit and found that I preferred giving the talks then listening to them. Eventually the inconsistent teachings and issues like Blood convinced me and my wife that it wasn't what we thought it was. That in fact it could at times be a dangerous death cult. We left some 43 years ago just in time for the first Woodstock.

    How badly did I want to get out? Let me put it this way, Vietnam was raging and I would lose my ministerial status and they'd announced that Armageddon would arrive in 1975! I was laughing as I walked out of the KH for the last time.

  • berrygerry

    BURNED OUT- I second LEAVING WT's opinion. Do be careful. Most JW's will not listen to reason and many of them feel they have to be faithful to the WT organization over blood relatives.

    Went through the Kangaroo processs like a moron - totally blindsided, bought the friendliness at the 2-minute "investigation" meeting in the 2nd school. Not so friendly at the next. (drunkenness was the reason - KS10 reference to 1983 WT quotes, of all sources, AA, which recommends "jolting" the individual, instead of the previous 2 paragraphs which were pertinent.)

    I had been inactive for too long, and attending few meetings, hence the real reason for "jolting," however, haven't been to a meeting since, although I did listen to the Memorial on the phone.

    Sorry for the run-on - but throughout the Kangaroo process and trying to "reason" with my wife over the unscriptural and VERY inappropriate behavior, she said: "If I have to choose between Jehovah's organization and you, I CHOOSE JEHOVAH," and walked away. OUCH.

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    just curious if you are still attending meetings and how that is going??? Thanks for sharing your story.


  • SouthCentral
    great thread!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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