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  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Its something seeing all these new posters. Is there a way to gauge how many new posters there are?

  • Happified

    Welcome burned out. I can relate. Been there done that. . .

    Glad your wife is adusting.

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile

    Welcome burnedout. Whenever writing a long post for any forum I open a word document, type it there, use spell check and then copy and paste it to the forum. That way if the post doesn't go through for any reason you just copy and paste it again. I look forward to your story. I'm always curious to find out what event or doctrine causes a born-in to began to question the Watchtower.

  • MrMonroe

    It takes enormous courage for a rank and file member to quit this awful manipulative, controlling and deceitful religion. It must take a lot more guts for an elder to stand down and then walk.

  • Magwitch

    Welcome BurnedOut

  • charlie brown jr.
    charlie brown jr.

    Nice to have you onboard!!!

    Many Elders of past and present here also.

    I'm not one.... I'm an Apostate LOL

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Welcome! You are amongst friends here. Tell us about you when you get settled.

    I only wish you are the elder that is trying to suck my wife back in....

  • LostGeneration

    Nice username burnedout. I would say 90% of JWs are describe your username exactly. The other 10% are just too new.

    Thats why the WT has to keep beating them to "do more" as well as constantly remind them how "happy they are"

  • Gayle

    I went into the slow burn for many years after having been a pioneer and Bethelite. Never an elder as am female, thankfully. :) Motherhood and several location moves brought me through many re-evaluations. Hope you read or have read Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz (can get through It wraps up all suspicions one has had for years, but gives the facts and the 'true' history of the WTS. It help ones move on with freedom of thought and conscience.

  • snowbird


    I'm sure the Harold Camping debacle and the non-explanation of the toes of iron and clay by the FDS are giving many pause for consideration.

    Tee hee hee.


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