I grew up in One of the worst neighborhoods in America (see The movie, Boyz in the Hood) but I never knew it because of my sheltered environment. I was Baptized at 13, regular pioneered throughout high school and had planned to go to Bethel. While sitting in the meeting for Bethel at Dodger Stadium… A light came on. I asked myself… "When is the end date for my Bethel assignment?." There would be no end date, they would kick me out whenever they got ready! Also, I wanted to have a family! By the time that I was 21, I had fizzled out in the organization … I was inactive and well along in my career and marriage. Fortunately, I am very happy with my life choices… My wife is still in and she knows my secret! When the generation teaching changed in 1995, I almost had a nervous breakdown! Everything I had believed (in up to that point in my life) crumbled via a single watchtower. I remember telling thousands of people to examine their religion in field service… But a witness will get excommunicated if they even mention examining "TROOF".