Your best one sentence JW comeback contest

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  • moshe

    just happened- Harold Campings one line comeback--

    Q to Harold camping on why nothing happened on May21

    A-we have not made a mistake about May 21- just the nature of it- it was a spiritual judgment

  • talesin

    jgnat reminded me of one

    parental unit: Bro/Sis So-and-so said they still miss you.

    talesin: Really? Why didn't you give them my phone number; I'd love to hear from them!


  • GLTirebiter

    "Do you really mean that, or is it just Theocratic Tact?"

  • ziddina
    "If God is backing you and his spirit is more powerful than Satan's why are there so few JW's compared to the Bilions of earths inhabitants?
    In the Bible, people got Babptized after hearing Jesus speak, why do JW's have to study certain publications and answer a number of questions before they can be baptized? ..."

    OOOOOOOOO!! I like ExWhyZee's responses!! And there are a lot of other good ones here, too!!

    But here's my [fairly] standard response...

    "Why are you worshipping a recently-generated Middle Eastern god? Don't you know that the bible is only around 3,500 years old, and that Stonehenge, the pyramids, the cave paintings in France, the temples on the island of Malta, are ALL older than the bible and its 'gods'???"

    With emphasis on 'godSSSSSSSSSSSSS'...

  • ziddina

    Hah!! I just found "Scary21's" response!!! GRRRRRRRRReeeeaat!!!

    "Why is smoking as bad as molesting a child? ..."

    And my mind reels with the further possibilities...

    "Why is reading "Crisis of Conscience" considered by the Watchtower Society to be as bad as molesting a child?"

    "Why is missing meetings and reading the bible for oneself considered by the Watchtower Society to be as bad as molesting a child?"

    "Why is dating a worldly person considered by the Watchtower Society to be almost as bad as molesting a child?"

    And so on...

  • anniegirl76

    Faithful and discreet slave, huh? You do realize slavery was abolished.....

  • ziddina

    Oooooo, I just found LittleMac's response, too!!!

    "For a God of love, why is the final solution to man's problems the deaths of millions of people? ..."

    Excellet! Anniegirl76, that's a good response, too!!

    Might want to add something to the effect that modern man has moved past the need for slavery, except for certain areas of the Middle East, and coincidentally , that's also the basic mentality of the bible writers, because THEY were Middle Eastern men, too!!


  • undercover

    "I notice that you're not active with the "Truthâ„¢" these days."

    "Actually, I'm very active with the truth. It truly has set me free."

  • Pika_Chu

    "If Jehovah is the ultimate source of love, why does he love us all conditionally?"

  • moshe

    I'm looking for one of the F&DS- have you ever talked to one of them?

    JW- no

    - neither has anybody else.


    householder- are you happy?

    JW- sure, yes, etc

    householder- you need to stop lying to yourself- you didn't fool me and you don't fool God.

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