Your best one sentence JW comeback contest

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  • Podobear

    In reply to an 89 year old patient who told me why he left Methodism to become a JW: "Jehovah freed me from the awful fear of hell fire, as taught by the church..."

    My reply: "I had a similar feeling about a kiddie on his trike, falling down an earthquake trench, with his mother screaming as her house burned... in the book, Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained."

    Same meat different gravy.

    The treatment room went awfully silent.

    p.s. You did ask for one sentence Moshe.

  • wobble

    Dear Amelia,

    That is exactly what they do with one liners to try to steer you away form the point, and to avoid having to think, with that excellent question you just simply must turn it back on them by saying:

    "It is a very personal thing, only you can answer what would do it for you, all people are different"

  • moshe

    Farkel- I do hope a JW gives you the opportunity to get pounded by your hammer of logic. Keep'em coming- I have a feeling the JWs are getting ready to ring one of our doorbells soon.

  • caliber

    * I don't have an attitude problem , the WT have a perception problem... love is the perfect bond of union not field service works !

    *It's not your job change God's message -- when we read God's word it changes us.

    * God Himself does not propose to judge a man until he is dead. So why should we?

  • Giordano

    "You're like a tornado of bullshit right now. We'll talk again after your bullshit dies out over someone else's house." (Justins dad)

  • wasblind


  • caliber

    Don't you find it strange to think that God's grace is as small as just one religion... limited to less than one percent of the world

    Grace is given of God, but it appears knowledge can be sold door to door

  • wobble

    "Why didn't the 1st century Christians call themselves Jehovah's Witnesses ?"

  • exwhyzee

    If God is backing you and his spirit is more powerful than Satan's why are there so few JW's compared to the Bilions of earths inhabitants?

    In the Bible, people got Babptized after hearing Jesus speak, why do JW's have to study certain publications and answer a number of questions before they can be baptized?

  • Ding
    Farkel: (I have nothing to say to that. How can I reply to insanity?)

    Show the dub a printout of OBVES' calculations and demand that the dub disprove them.

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