Your best one sentence JW comeback contest

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  • caliber

    Farkel ... I totally agree with what you say in your post below ...I just thought to say "less than 1 %" was enough to make my point

    to an honest open mind !


    You said

    :Don't you find it strange to think that God's grace is as small as just one religion... limited to less than one percent of the world

    Uh, it is TEN times less than one percent. According to Fred Franz in one Watchtower article that is available to see in a million websites, he said 99.9% of humanity will be killed by the Watchtower god.

    I will re-post that quote if you wish. It's amazing how Watchtower God will reward 1/10th of one percent of all living
  • d

    If God is love why does he allow huamns to freely kill each other? despite the fact of preknowledge of it?

  • d

    WHo Created God? Could God Destroy himself?

  • caliber

    I "personally" believe that good "comebacks " should be designed with the motive of making JW's think.. not in total humiliating

    disrespect; as in the workplace there is a way to work with a person to achieve a more postive outcome or at least disagree

    without being disagreeable . You can either choose take a shot at someone or make a valid observation I guess.

    The key to change... is to let go of fear.
    ... hostility only adds to fear and non-acceptance
  • moshe

    Sometimes, humiliation is the first step towards self awareness of their personal failures as a JW. The WT stinks and so do it's members.


  • caliber

    I always will remember - I WAS ONCE AS THEY ARE NOW! Hope it gives me perspective and long suffering with individuals

    There is the expression "different strokes for different folks" I even read where the old" shock treatments" therapy appeared to benefit

    some individuals.. it's just not my cup of tea I guess !

  • jgnat

    godrulz, your ignorance is showing. Take the time to understand the culture and buzzwords. "Go to hell" has no effect on a JW. If you want to scare them, use "You will go to the grave..."

  • godrulz

    d: your questions are not unique for JWs, but all people of faith. They sound like something a lame atheist would come up with. There are reasonable answers from a theist perspective (I don't know or care what a JW would say since they are cult, not Christian).

  • jgnat

    I can't remember if I've mentioned this yet. I borrow this from blondie.

    After being asked, "Wasn't that a WONDERFUL speaker/convention/assembly?"

    Say, "What subject/part/comment did you enjoy the most?"


    (We all KNOW it is same-o, same-o and the pablum is swiftly digested and forgotten. Will they admit it?)

  • d

    I am no lame atheist. If everthing has a creator well then who or what created God?

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