Jehovah's witness meetings are NOT BORING......

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  • godrulz

    Falcon: If they really were doing God's work and will, there would be satisfaction and merit to it all. Since it is just a manmade cult that is actually condemning people who buy into its message, it is a horrific delusion/waste of time, money, energy (cf. Mormon genealogical research and baptisms for the dead).

    The same is not true of those who know and serve the Living God and even lay down their lives sharing the gospel. There is nothing more important than this and the reward will be great.

    A false counterfeit does not disprove the genuine, so don't throw the baby out with the bathwater (Dawkins would assume all religion is idiotic and waste of time instead of seeing the great truth and benefit of the real thing).

  • punkofnice

    @d – Mind numbing is the phrase I’d use too.

    @burnedout – Wasn’t it great being on the sound?!? In the days of LP records for the kingdumb maladies I used to sneak up and alter the speed from 33&3 rd to 75rpm just before the meeting started. Sometimes no one even noticed!

    @Kimbo – Perfect Prozac in paradise – guffaw!

    @diana netherton – The was a Bro who couldn’t say ‘evangelistic’, we got ‘enam, enam,advangeladistic’. Most of the talk was taken up with him struggling to say say ‘evangelistic’. I was on the sound desk and blagged a copy of the tape for myself. I edited it and spliced in canned laughter later on at home. A MS got hold of it and erased it in a fit of pique. Rotter! It was a real gem of a side splitter.

    @godrulz- The Kingdumb Hell is a real torture chamber for many a baby. It’s sickening.

    @sd-7 – You paid attention? Of course you did, there are some real ‘hotties’ at the Kingdumb Hell but at the end of the day, with the weird sex rules of the bOrg, you just know they’d be no good in bed!!

    @Chariklo – Yes, I agree. And now they have the ‘Janet and John’ dumbass edition of the watchtower even a pet aardvark can make a comment.

    @Mr Falcon – That picture is a….er….well, a picture! I see how some are looking around for approval. Attention seeking. Just like a watchtower indoctrination setting or a terrible talk by a power tripping CO.

    @DavinciCodeBreaker – Food at the proper time?

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Many years ago when I was first married we used to watch the Ministry School Overseer read his tax books during the meetings. He was training to be a tax inspector and would study during the meetings. Often you would see his tax books tucked inside a WT.

    He has long gone, lucky man.


  • punkofnice

    @St George of England - At least he was 'buying out the opportune time' with something worth doing!

  • AZheat

    Davincicodebreaker.........I remember that suger cube fight, I remember there must have been atleast 20-30 kids in that basement hurling suger cubes at each other... I found a box of saltines one time, it was like finding gold man.! The bathrooms were in the basement, so it wasnt unusual to see people going down there, but I remember there was a door that separated the restrooms from the area where the assembly supplies were... I also used to go to the store accross the street during the meeting and get bubble gum cards..... Hey, remember that drunk Indian that came in and sat in the back of the hall, fell asleep and kept shouting in his sleep ??... Ahhhh, great memories of going to the kingdom hall........

  • DavinciCodeBreaker

    AZheat...those were the ONLY good memories as we needed those to block out the memories of our incessant beatings we received at the meeting or as soon as we got home for not being a robot. At least if the punishment was delayed until we got home, I always had time to get on at least three pairs of pants before the beating (which was done out of love) commenced!

  • william hahn
    william hahn

    One of the funniest moments at my old KH apart from the PO getting decked on the platform was a young teenage sister making a comment in the WT study .

    The answer was in reference to problem jews had with gentiles in the 1st century.She gave her answer about the Un-circumsised Genitals! My mate was taking the WT study he just burst out laughing the WT reader was almost crying and coudnt even read for a few minutes.Ive never seen a cong so animated and happy. Hey wait on maybe they should have comedians give talks !....hey oh thats right they already do but their not funny.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I used to read the bible across the columns. Occasionally it would make a really funny sentence.

  • william hahn
    william hahn

    Mickey mouse you have done it and cracked the Bible code

  • punkofnice

    @AZHeat – A drunk Indian? You’d need to be drunk to volunteer to sit at a meeting!

    @DavinciCodeBreaker – Beatings out of ‘love’? Sheesh! I guess they learn it from Jar-Hoover who will lovingly kill us SOON (subject to overlapping).

    @william hahn – Why WAS the PO decked? Happy Congregation = oxymoron!

    @Mickey mouse – We did the same in the watchtower. I came across ‘Jeho-treetops’. Now why that made me laugh I’ll never know but me and my aposta-friend referred to JW’s as ‘Jeho-treetops’ for many moons!

    @william hahn – Now to crack the GB – on the head with a baseball bat!

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