Jehovah's witness meetings are NOT BORING......

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    Your a Pentecostal..

    In Watchtower World your Demonized..

    Pentecostals Roll on the floor,Speak in Tongues and Legions of Demons pop out of their Ass..

    Pentecostal Demons get right into Your Brain and Wiggle their Little Demon Fingers..

    It`s like a Prostate Exam but..

    Pentecostal Demons stick their finger in your Brain,instead of your Bum..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • william hahn
    william hahn

    Hey "Godrulz" this is a light hearted discussion on our recollections at JW meetings and frankly no offence intended but your boring me more than the meetings did.

  • william hahn
    william hahn

    Outlaw your awsome dude!

  • godrulz

    JWs are scared of everything. Using their logic, Paul the supreme Christian was demonized. Demons lie to them on doctrine and practice.

  • william hahn
    william hahn

    Hey Godrulz either your really dumb or just cant take a hint.This thread is for fun! do you get it? Lighten up man or should you remove the self righteous broom from up your arse .The name of this site might give you a hint that its for JW and ex-JW so where the hell do you fit in?We have all had a crap load of righteousness pushed down our throats so please no more crap from you.Start your own thread and see if anyones interested in you and your views.Wow maybe you will get the point?

  • Mary
    How did you get through the meetings when you were bored?

    I read the bible..........far more interesting than the mindless shit trickling down from the platform........

  • william hahn
    william hahn

    i remember watching my oldest brother dozing of in WTS and i could just give the seat row a nudge and he would do a noticable jump as he woke up !...probably on the same paragraph!

    A friend of mine(now ex) who was a CO used to say of the platform that its better to be at the meeting and fall asleep than to stay home anf fall asleep in front of the TV! i used to go to sleep at the meetings with a clear concience.I told myself what i was doing was a holy thing.

  • punkofnice

    A$$embĀ£ies and CONvention$ were the best place for me to catch up on my sleep. I'd place my bible on my knee and rest my head in my hand and pretend to be studying the 'deep things of Jehovah(TM)'. Then the bloody announcements woke me up!

  • PaintedToeNail

    Never been able to get much sleep at conventions and assemblies, the danged clapping kept waking me up!

  • d

    I would rather watch paint dry then go to another one of those damn meetings.

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