Jehovah's witness meetings are NOT BORING......

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  • undercover
    "and when you take your children to the bathroom for discipline, that's when we really want to hear them"

    One of the last meetings I ever went to (or that I can remember) I witnessed an elder take his granddaughter outside and beat the living shit out of her because she wouldn't sit still. It bordered on child abuse if it wasn't indeed abuse.

    I was disturbed by his action and I regret now not saying something. At the time, I was fading and doing my best to not be noticed on the rare occasion that I attended. I did not get along with this elder and avoided him on principle anyway. Sticking my nose in his business would only bring me unwanted attention.

    I still cringe a bit when I think about it...

  • steve2

    Let's be truthful here folks: Boredom has it's upside - it's called Spicey Dramatic Contrast best exemplified in either of the following scenarios:

    Sustained whispers and wide-eyed expressions among elders' wives before the meeting began signalled that an important announcement about someone in the congregation would be made towards the close of the meeting. The adrenalin of curiosity and hard-to-articulate excitement kept me wide awake. Sins fo the flesh loomed large in my adolescent mind, a mixture of fascination and fear. After the meeting, a close JW friend and I would shamelessly speculate about the reasons for the disfellowshipping or reproving announcements.

    The announcement that there was to be a special announcement about changes in Jehovah's orgnaization could keep the eyeballs popping longer than is considered decent and proper.

    Looking back, it is all so pathetic and juvenile. Life as a JW was so buttoned down and lacking in stimulation that we seized hold of anything to emjoy spicey dramatic contrasts....

  • d

    I used to try to follow but I would just end daydreaming the conventions were less then ideal.I remeber I went to one in 2005 in New York and their was a bad thunderstorm and the lights were flickering and the sound syestem was going out of whack.So that made it a little interesting.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    When I was 15, I got smart and put scratch and sniff stickers in my Bible.

    It passed the time a lot better than looking around to see who was paying attention.

    Caught a sister actually tweezing her chin whiskers.

    She hid it behind her hand, but we could see sometimes and knew what she was doing.

  • talesin

    lol @ scully I lurvs you, too!

    a lot of the nightmares were the result of those Asleep! articles about Malawi torture - gave me night terrors ... grrr

    @ UC ---- you have helped so many people with your 'undercover' work,,, Just think, maybe you actually helped that child in the long run!


  • JRK

    I just wanted to play with my friends afterwards.

    Damage control!


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Oh the Malawi torture!

    They'd go on and on in detail.

    It was awful!

    I was always afraid of being tortured, so of course that was the part of the meeting I'd hear.

    I listened as the speaker told of a brother wrapped in barbed wire and smeared with honey.

    When the skeeters would bite him, he's twitch and the barbs would go deeper into his skin.

    I'd also pay attention to demun stories, only to have demun nightmares that night.

    So inappropriate for kids!

    I counted tiles and stripes in the carpet, too.

  • Terra Incognita
    Terra Incognita

    I don't recall, with one exception, any boring meetings. I'm sure there were plenty but I must be repressing them.

    The one I do recall had a monotone speaker giving the talk. If you've never heard a pure, and I mean pure monotone voice you are in for a treat. I recommend that you tape one talking and save the recording for any future bouts of severe insomnia. Should work as well as Melatonin.

    Anyways, this is the impression Brother Monotone speaker gave me:

    • Within 10 seconds I knew something was very wrong with this guy.
    • Within 30 seconds I was squirming very uncomfortably in my seat.
    • Within a minute I'm trying to figure out ways of getting out of the Kingdom Hall.
  • exwhyzee

    I agee with White dove, the detailed Malawi torture stories were too much for children to hear. But they did get your attention. I remember them telling about a Sister who had her newborn baby snatched out of her arms and swung by the feet, head first into a tree because she wouldn't buy a political card. I just knew this was going to happen to my baby sister and it would be because I wouldn't renounce Jehovah or some such nonsense.

    Looking back, I realize I developed certain coping mechanisims. To be able to handle the boredom and fearful armegeddon talk, I developed an ability to shut my mind off at will and take myself elsewhere as soon as I heard certain key words or phrases. "Certainly Brothers....This would behoooove out the oppertune time... a study was started...truly a spiritual paradise....the tested quality of our more than the usual attention etc." Survival was dependant on ones ability to look like you were listening while counting ceiling tiles and or the little holes in the ceiling tiles, multiplying and dividing them by the numbers 144,000 or 607. I concentrated better while drawing huge sideburns, mustaches and platform shoes on the men in the Watchtower or giant hair-do's and beauty marks on the women. I'd find myself compulsively looking ahead in the Watchtower or the assembly program as if I was interested when really I wanted to see how many paragraphs or talks were left until the intermission. During the 8 day assemblies, I'd be almost suicidal by 6:00 PM of the first day when I'd realize there were 3 hours and 7 more days of sitting in the blazing sun on bleachers left. Sometimes we used to mark down how many times you heard them say Jesus or Jehovah but that only lasted about 15 minutes. I'd feel guilty and promise myself to pay more attention at the next talk but I could only hold out for a few scriptures before I started searching the crowd for friends or weird people or even wondering what it would be like to swing by a trapeze from the stadium ceiling. It was always an extra bonus when a bird would have flown inside so all the kids could watch it swoop around looked so wonderful. Sometimes I'd perk up during the experiences because for one thing, it would be a break from the monotone echoing voice of the speaker and because there would be the hope that they'd flub their lines or say something I could relate to. One time they were talking about a brother in some far flung country that was wheelchair bound but was praying that Jehovah would make it possible for him to pioneer. I was expecting that he would somehow by some miracle, end up being able to walk. Instead, his prayers were answered when he woke up one morning to find a brand new set of tires on his wheelchair. I couldn't believe tires !

    We'd be so happy when they'd show slides or a movie instead of a talk on Sunday. Even this movie was a welcome change

    The funny thing was, I did hear what they were saying and could even answer the questions we got during the society sanctioned pop quiz we'd get on the way home.

  • JustHuman14

    White dove, I agree with you. I was a small kid during the time of Malawi and it was shocking to hear what was happening to the brothers there.

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