The impossible delusion of evolution

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  • PublishingCult

    Now, I don't anything about creationism vs evolution, but I CAN provide substantial evidence to show that God(s) does not exist.

    Exhibit A. Religion

    thank you, thank you. Was easy.

  • thetrueone

    If its understood today in are era, that gods offered needed answers to many of the unknowns of this earth and the universe

    that the ancients had to endure during their own era of existence, why is so unreasonable to perceive that they wrote down some

    of these needed consuming beliefs, such as what is written in the bible ?

    By the way I thought the Ben Stein interview was corrupt sham, for you'll notice that he deliberately cuts

    off Dawkin's dialog and inserts his own what he thinks it would be best to win the debate and make Dawkins look the fool.

    I'd like to see Stein interview Hitchens and see what comes out of that discussion.

    But then again he would probably cut off his dialog and pull the same trick as well.

    Ben Stein is an asshole, if he had a good opposing argument then he wouldn't have to revert to such malicious dishonesty.

  • garyneal
    we got "adam & eve" with the "tree of life" and a serpent drawn on the walls of Egyptian caves, circa 3,000 BC. That's a bit older than Genesis.

    I'm late on Brother Dan's threads again. PS, that's interesting, now I know you do not believe Charles Russell but he said that the first pharoah was Adam. I did some googling and found a book about the first pharoah being Adam. Now, I am not saying that these are correct but it does present an interesting theory. However, I understand that these theories do not stand to the facts but I will admit my ignorance to the whole first pharoah being Adam theory and anything connected with that.

  • Nickolas

    Just noticing this but haven't read it. 6 pages in 7 hours? Congratulations bd. That has to be some kind of record. I'm wondering what you said this time.

    I'll read it tomorrow, maybe.

  • unshackled

    Nickolas, just another train wreck...but we can't turn away...

  • jwfacts

    I havent' read every page so may be repeating, but a belief in God does not answer the question of where intelligent design comes from, it just pushes it back one step with amplification. If we argue that the design we see around us needs a more intelligent designer, then the far more intelligent designer is even more difficult to explain to exist without a designer. Who designed God?

    The argument in the second video reminds me of the God of the Gaps concept. It purports that since we cannot yet explain the beginnings of life satisfactorily, so are forced to admit a designer. That sounds very much like when people could not explain rain, so claimed it came forth or was withheld by God. Now we understand this seemingly intelligent system, we no longer need to invoke the God argument to explain it. Likewise will likely occur regarding abiogenesis.

  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident
    It's also interesting to see the sad state that atheists are in. No hope. No future. No direction. Just a few years of life and then...nothing. Six feet under forever.

    Yes, seeing that you have been the poster boy on this forum for someone whose former religious beliefs brought him nothing but misery and whose new religious beliefs are bringing even more misery into his life, it's truly a wonder that all the atheists on this forum don't all rush to jump on your religious ship du jour.

    We atheists have the same future and direction as you do. Six feet under forever. We just accept it and make the most of our lives while we are still living. We have hope. To make our lives and our children's lives and other people's the best that they can be while we are alive. Can you honestly say that your faith is bringing joy into your life? Because your posts here don't reflect that at all.

  • cantleave

    I think this thread is a BD trying desparately to maintiam the last vestige of faith in God. Hoping that posting a few creationist video's will provide statements of reinforcement of what he wants to believe, from other board members.

    It ain't going to happen dan, except with the occasional poster like Perry who has been debunked - oh so may times on this board.

  • cyberjesus

    I think this thread will be continue in yet another thread that BD will start just to leave again.

  • Curtains

    omg - so this is where all the action is. BD you really do come back fighting don't you?

    How bout listening for a change

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