The impossible delusion of evolution

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  • TD
    Instead we very clearly see well defined and fully formed species which reproduce according to their own kind, just like Genesis said.

    That's just not true Dan. There are so many good examples where hybridization produced a new species that it's hard to know where to start

    How about this? I know you're familiar with these... You might even have one in your front yard

  • Guest with Questions
    Guest with Questions

    Brother Dan: thanks for posting these links. Will try to read posts tonight when I have more.

    whereami: you say these videos have been debunked so many times. Can you be more specific? Where are these men wrong?

    What's interesting to me in the second video is that scientists are looking for intelligence in space. I'm sure many are atheists. If they find an information bearing signal it would confirm the existance of intelligent life beyond earth. Interesting. If they find an information bearing signal it must be from an intelligent source. Yet atheist take the "leap of faith" that the universe was not created by intelligent design. Couldn't an atheists conclusion be that if they find an information bearing signal that it is just random. Why believe intelligent design in the one case and not the other.

  • tec

    Just because a person has faith does not mean that the circumstances of their lives are all peaches and cream. There are many believers who are in awful circumstances, and yet who turn to their faith to see them through. Christ or God is their rock. The fact that Dan is having a terrible time of things is not because God does not exist. Everyone has terrible times.

    I hope Dan remembers to draw inner strength from his faith.

    You don't have to prove anything to anyone Dan. I debate and question things about creation/evolution or whatever for the interest of learning, or in the hopes of sharing my opinion whether someone else wants to consider it, or sometimes just for the fun of it. But the truth is the truth, regardless of whether we know it or not - and I have to say that most of us are probably a little bit right, and a whole lot wrong. And in the end, it isn't our beginning that matters most. What we do now matters more than that.

    A question for believers: If your child grew up to be an atheist, and yet showed kindness and love to all others, would that not still be a good thing? Much better than a child who grows up a Christian (or other believer) but shows no love, no mercy, no kindness to anyone else. Because that probably means there is no love or mercy or kindness inside that person.

    Same question for atheists, but reversed.


  • superpunk

    I hate these threads.

    Evolution is a fact. It happens all around us every day.

    However, it doesn't matter to me ONE BIT whether or not believers accept that fact or not. Believers could all trot about declaring that gravity is a myth, too, and it wouldn't make a bit of difference - SO LONG AS they keep their idiotic ideas to themselves and don't try to influence school curriculums so that they can spread their lies to the next generation.

    Same thing here. Noone gives a shit if you "believe" in evolution, dan. If you want to watch these idiotic youtube mininformation disasters rather than actually doing a little studying on your own - more power to you. Embrace the myopia. But you started this thread to call out everyone who is actually comfortable with the realities of our world, so you rightly got smacked around a bit. Feel free to hold on to your delusions - just shut up about it.

    Now I'm off to say 50 'Hail Dawkins' since apparently he is my lord.

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