The impossible delusion of evolution

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    Bitch Slapping is not fighting.

  • wobble

    BD, I have a good feeling about you, you have our interests at heart, but you are mis-guided.

    We who are witout religion and without god are not miserable ,because we realistically accept the evidence, the evidence that shows that if we we are breathing now, we have this life for sure, and this life is the only one we can be sure of.

    If you have evidence for an afterlife, and indeed for a god, please present it.

    You still sound as though you really think like a fully mind-controlled JW thinks, anybody not in their faith is unhappy and doomed, we are neither.

  • bohm

    BD, once more:

    • do you understand the argument dembski is advancing?
    • have you read and understood any of dembskis puplished scientific work?
    • Do you believe the argument to be correct, ie. is the argument one of the reasons evolution is an "impossible delusion"?

    Let me draw an analogy. If i told you some verse of the original greek manuscripts of the bible said something specific, and you knew it was wrong, and you knew i did not understand greek, and i dismissed any argument you made based on actual knowledge of ancient greek with it being "nonsence" and "going in circles", it would not be fair and it would be arrogant.

  • ProdigalSon

    garyneal said:

    PS, that's interesting, now I know you do not believe Charles Russell but he said that the first pharoah was Adam. I did some googling and found a book about the first pharoah being Adam. Now, I am not saying that these are correct but it does present an interesting theory. However, I understand that these theories do not stand to the facts but I will admit my ignorance to the whole first pharoah being Adam theory and anything connected with that.

    Actually, I believe CTR was quite brilliant....and that makes his deceptions doubly nefarious, because he knew what he was doing. He was inventing a religion that would serve the purpose of the people who were funding him. There's no way the Giza Pyramid was built by humans and he knew it. The King's Chamber does indeed point to 1914 but it has nothing to do with Jesus sitting on some throne in heaven. It was the beginning phase of the return of Christ Consciousness, and the reaction of the dark elite was wrath. They knew it was the beginning of an era where people were going to start waking up, so it was time for them to tighten their control of humanity and carry out their plan to establish a One-World Government in Zion. So they started putting dumbing-down methods into action and initiated the first of their planned three world wars in order to achieve that end, with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act being the last piece of the funding they needed.

    I have read in many different places that Moses was a Pharaoh. It seems that many great men were connected with mythical figures, which I suspect Moses was based on, considering that saviors always seem to be rescued out of the water when they are babies. So it comes as no surprise that CTR would see a Pharaoh as "Adam". To me that tells me he was smart enough not to take the ridiculous story literally.

    By the way, it appears that the Egyptian version of "Adam and Eve" was "Geb and Nut".

    And the Genesis version of "Adam" is the "milk" for the "goyim". The real "Adam" for the meat-eaters is Adam Kadmon of Kabbalah.

  • OnTheWayOut

    BD, I viewed your first posted video: QUESTIONING EVOLUTION THEORY. It's creationist propaganda. Every last statement from these creationists has been addressed thoroughly and debunked. Irreducible Complexity is nonsense. Creationists restating what they are sure Darwin was trying to say is like WTS telling us what the Pope was trying to say.

    Most evolutionists admire Darwin for bringing so much attention to evolution, but they know that he was not aware of everything we are aware of today. All-and-all, I would say his theories have fewer holes in them than the Bible does when comparing it to known truth today. How in the world can you be so ready to throw away evolution based on one man's theories from so long ago being out-of-date with reality but cling to the Bible which is clearly out-of-touch with reality?

    Why don't you just end this debate by praying that God destroys the firstborn of all the godless evolutionists in some horrible way, thereby proving God superior?

    I tried to watch the second video, but had to stop at it's ideas about patterns. Here's my answer to that one:

    Just to be clear, it's just my theory, but I am sure that in their ignorance, pattern-seeking primates evolved enough to finally ask "WHY?" and chose the wrong answer. They decided that "Gods do it" or that "Gods did it" or that "A god does/did it." They chose the path that led to a supreme dictator or magic-man in the sky. They evolved from believing in all kinds of gods to a majority of them only believing in one god and they evolved eventually down two paths, the one leading to science and reason and the other leading to Brother Dan.

    Fortunately, the two are interbreeding and those that believe in the one god will eventually become extinct just as 99% of all living things on earth have become or else they will be so thoroughly mixed in with those that believe in science that you won't be able to find them without gene markers.

    BD, send your own children to school. Let them get a higher education and maybe they can rise above your insistance that the book, proven way more wrong than anything out of Darwin, is the answer.

  • zoiks

    People, seriously...

    - BD appears, tells a woeful tale of horrific happenings in his life. All kinds of people offer support and advice; BD ignores advice.

    - BD disappears.

    - BD appears, stirs up shit with creation/evolution/atheism/christian; ignores all arguments that don't agree with him, calls others (who previously offered support, advice, and attention) delusional, wrong, going to hell ("I didn't say it, the BIBLE did!") etc., the nastiness escalates.

    - BD disappears.

    - BD appears, tells a woeful tale of horrific happenings in his life. All kinds of people (including those horrible atheists) offer support and advice; BD ignores advice; disappears.

    Repeat ad nauseum.

    I have been sucked into this fun little merry-go-round several times now. My desire to offer support kept me coming back. No more.

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