The impossible delusion of evolution

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Nickolas, I had wanted to say something similar to your thoughts but didn't quite have the words together. Also, I wasn't sure I wanted to bother with Dan's "No, your wrong."

    Dan's mind is indeed in turmoil. He finds it hard to believe that he was so thoroughly deceived that it is even possible that the Bible is not God's Word and that maybe God is not using Christianity or that God maybe doesn't even exist. It's just too overwhelming for Dan to believe that God let him wallow in the Jehovah's Witnesses which made his life worse.

    I, like Dan, once believed that God personally directed me. I believed that He intervened in my life. I would not have believed it was a trick of the mind or, if that's too "crazy" sounding, a psychological problem. I know better now.

  • saltyoldlady

    Just wanted to call attention to another new book out on this subject - The Dark Side of Charles Darwin written by a man whom I believe is a former member of the WTS - Jerry Bergman. Have put it on my own "wish list" to read in the future. I have enjoyed some of his other writings on Mental Health and the WTS adherents.

  • Johnnytwofeet

    I read all the way through this thread and now I no longer believe in gravity.

  • ProdigalSon


    "Ye are gods".... Jesus said it.

    The serpent said it too.

    Total also says he is a worthless born sinner.... it has poor dan running in circles.

    You are correct, there's nobody to save us except us from ourselves.

  • wasblind

    " I read all the way through this thread and now I no longer believe in gravity."

    Well then, jump up and catch me a star

  • Spade

    But in your other post you were crying and renounced God because your wife had a seizure. Now you're renouncing evolution. Get your head together...

  • shamus100

    Is it possible to go and bitch - slap nearly every poster on this website? ;D

  • thetrueone

    Some interesting thoughts on religion by Christopher Hitchens

  • Nickolas

    Amen, OTWO.

  • Rabbit
    Rabbit you really have the time, effort & emotion to devote... to another Internet Debate...when you have more than enough turmoil, that needs your attention -- at home ?

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