To all you apostates out there - aka failed JW's

by donnye 88 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • snowbird

    I'm so proud to be a failed JW.

    Will be glad when my little daughter joins me.

    O Happy Day!


  • pirata
  • Girlie

    I guess the preaching work can't be too fulfilling for you; otherwise, why would you be on here chatting with us failed JW? Don't you have some poor householder to harass save?

  • blondie

    It is more important to be a successful Christian and a witness of Christ as Jesus said his followers would be at Acts 1:8. Your comments indicate your failure as a Christian.

  • Giordano

    Your out in service. For a pioneer like you it will once again be a day of small humiliations.

    Even though it's a cold day your sweating and your pamphlets are getting soggy in your pocket and the watchtower in your hand has smudge marks on it. You trudge up to the door with your head down. Your disgusted with yourself for pioneering for not being able to get yourself out of that religion. You lack clarity and is hard for you and getting harder as the years pass.

    The door is start to panic. You have nothing to say. You really don't like talking to people about the 'truth' you sense that they find you........unacceptable. You extend the damp pamphlet, your hand shakes a little. The householder looks past you, ignores the pamphlet and slowly closes the door.

    You depart quietly. The only bright spot in your day is to get back home and savor the responses to your post ........until you get to this one.

  • kimbo

    I failed to get an education.

  • Tuesday

    So your first couple posts were about not going to meetings in 2 and 1/2 years then having doubts, then you post this one. Doesn't the bible say that liars will not inherit God's kingdom?

    Did God make a special provision for Internet Message Boards. Since you're pioneering and all, I would love to ask you a few questions I had before I left. Would you mind answering them for me, then I can show you how you fail at life and how an "apostate" that "failed" at your religion knows more about it and the bible than you ever will in your entire life.

    You can start my questions here:

  • FirstLastName

    I prefer the word survived.

    Failed implies that I am still in and trying yet not succeeding. Seems that the person posting this is more fitting of this description.

  • leavingwt
    I am busy pioneering from tomorrow, so will no longer have time on my hands to sit at my pc

    In your very first post on this forum, you came across as critical of the WT society. Would you please elaborate on how you regained your zeal for sacred service?

    Did you begin attending all of the meetings? What about the assemblies?

  • watson

    It got what it wanted.

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