To all you apostates out there - aka failed JW's

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  • stuckinlimbo

    Is he for real? He said on another post he hasn't been to a meeting in 2 1/2 years, and told an elder he had problems with the truth he needed to get his head around. I doubt they will be letting him pioneer any time soon... he also seemed rather anti JW in earlier posts, going along with topics until the one on the anti-jw pamphlet. Weird...

  • wannaexit

    Watcha doin on this board if you are going pioneering tomorrow?????? Wait till I tell your elders what you been up to.....socializing with the big, bad apostates!!! hehehe you are going to be in trouble

  • chickpea

    failed JW? how nice of you to notice!

    but, you say that like it's a bad thing!!!

    buy a vowel and solve the puzzle, mate....
    you aren't engaged in genuine accomplishment,
    just some pseudo busy work generated by a
    publishing company's board of directors...

  • wobble

    Whatever floats your boat mate.

    I was raised ,from birth in the JW Org.and stuck with it for 58 years.

    What I had instilled in me, so ingrained I cannot go against it, was a conscience. That conscience would not allow me to teach lies, or represent an organization that told lies.

    Therefore I was forced to walk away from the lying WT publishing and fake religion organization.

    If that is failure in your eyes, I will continue to fail for the rest of my life. I live with a clean conscience, not with an inner nagging fear that what I am doing is not right., which is what all JW's have , if they have any kind of functioning conscience, some of them do not , of course.

    I think it is the second best decision I ever made in my life, the first was to marry my lovely wife.

  • poppers

    I opened this post even though I've never been a dub, so I can't be a "failed JW". I just wanted to hear why the flip-flop from your earlier posts when you were complaining about things in JW land (even though you said you were leaving when you found out this wasn't a pro JW site you kept coming back - why is that?). What's the story with that person? Why did that person suddenly revert again to brainwash mode? What happened here anyway? Got the courage to respond to that?

  • NewChapter


    Well, we will forgive you for your questionable association. Don't tell them about us though! Bring us back some donuts---I prefer creme over custard or jelly. THANKS!

  • Heaven

    If it's one thing I'd be glad failing at, it is being a hypocritical, self-righteous, holier-than-though religious zealot.

  • Finally-Free

    Look at his posting history; 26 posts in almost as many different threads. He's a hit and run nutjob who's just trying to get a rise out of people. He's the kind of guy who spends his days wanking while surfing porn sites, and comes here when he's too raw for anymore wanking.


  • JuanMiguel

    Yes, I am a failed Jehovah's Witness.

    I did not succeed in compartmentalization, the keystone to life as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I came to realize that it wasn't doctrine that appeals to so many who join and stay in--because that doctrine changes so suddenly and is but secondary to obedience to the Governing Body which today can say something is so and tomorrow demand that we not put any more faith in such a thing...

    No, I failed because I don't have a need to compartmentalize religions and doctrines and people into groups of "all good" and "all bad," as Jehovah's Witnesses do.

    I failed to have the need for having simplified answers to all life's problems and to believe I was 100% right about everything I believed, thus feeling more enlightened than my neighbor.

    I failed because I realized I was not being educated well-enough to discuss religion and the Bible with others by the Watchtower and those associated with it. I failed because I began to learn Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Latin, and because I began to read and study the writings of the Church Fathers.

    I failed because I learned World History--the real thing, as well as learning the scientific method to take no one's word as authority but to be able to test theories and put things to the test to see by my own hand if things were so.

    I failed because as I learned about God I also learned that those who had different views were not evil or lesser humans, that they were deserving of dignity, respect, and even love for whom and for what they really were. Because I could see that God did not deny anyone air to breathe, sun to warm themselves, or any of the things needed for life--even to those who denied his existence--I saw your judgmental ways as wrong.

    I failed because I had no desire after leaving the Jehovah's Witnesses to be an "apostate," to beat my "former" brothers, and to speak ill of them. While I do hold you incorrect about a lot of things, I don't view you as a former brother or former sister as you probably now view me. I fail at judging you worthy of Jehovah's destruction merely because you do or don't adhere to certain teachings. I fail at being a judge of others in that way entirely.

    Regardless of how incorrect a doctrine might be that one holds to, I fail because I still think you are worth greeting when I see you...

    of having you in my life as a friend regardless of your creed or lack thereof.

    I fail because I refuse to shun you, regardless of what you choose to believe. (This doesn't mean I will be accepting of those who believe it is good to murder or cause strife in the world by robbing others of their peace or rights or anything of that nature. But I fail because if there truly is a God, I cannot see him shunning anyone today because of what they do or don't believe about him.)

    I put the world on notice today, that I am a failed Jehovah's Witness because I fail to see you as a failure regardless of your choices. You might make a mistake, choose a way that later you regret, but a failure? No. Never.

    And if that makes me a failure, then so be it.

  • bigmac

    love finally free's comments

    me a faiure?--i think not--

    --i'm a successful escapee---with 30 years freedom to look back on, since that religion finally finally let me go in 1981

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