Is there a Logical explanation for the spooky things happening at my daughter, Ali's house?!?!!!!

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  • coffee_black

    Be a skeptic. Look for other reasonable explanations for what is happening.

    That's what we're trying to do... and no, we're not calling Ghost Hunters. I've watched that show maybe once or twice, but it didn't seem legit to me.... going to keep a level head... try maybe a video camera and a recorder... I think that may be revealing...


  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask

    Is there a logical explanation for the spooky things former and active Jehovah's Witnesses believe in?

  • sooner7nc

    There's a logical reason but I don't know what it is, however if you apply the law of succinctness it's probably someone in the immediate family that's doing these things perhaps unknown even to themselves.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Derren Brown is excellent at debunking all the sharlatans and mediums out there. He himself was once a happy clappy christian and helped me massively before I found this website. Science of scams was a brilliant series. Probably on youtube if you want to know the scientific explanation of how ouija boards and the like really work.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Use motion detection software in every computer with a camera.

    Put black tape over the camera 'on' light.

    Don't tell anyone.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Spirits do not exist. People believe in the paranormal is irrational. There is not one shred of hard science suporting it. Read medival accounts of incidents like this and see if anyone believes anything besides hysteria. The problem is the mere belief in spirits can terrorize one and create havoc. I suggest reading C.S. Leewis' Screwtape Letters.

    She could be "gaslighted' but it seems far fetched. Exclusing spirits, this is a matter for the police. Our minds can plays tricks on us. Perhaps read the Amazing Creskin's site. Certainly, if she is "gaslighted" self-care is impossible. Police are trained to ferret out such characters. Prison is where they belong. Maybe paying a lawyer a small sum to speak with the landlord. Again, one of the last people I would want to know I was suspectible to such influence is my landlord.

    The vast majority of people wouldl find this mirthful. I lose things and then find them. My memory is not focused on every little element in my life. This sounds like too many JW demon stories.

  • doofdaddy

    What ever people on this forum say, either believers in a "spirit" world or deniers, would'nt it be better for peace of mind to move? Your daughter has a delicate heart, I reckon nothing is worth stressing out about that could shorten our all too brief time on this planet.

  • Scott77

    marked for later.

  • Prov1320

    Sounds like another episode of Paranormal Activities! lol

    Seriously, though, I wish I could believe that spirits exist. Let me put it this way, if I were to ever experience such 'activities' or be presented with hard proof that spirits exist, it would compel me to become a christian again.

    But here's the catch-22. If I am looking for the proof, then the spirits will never provide me with such proof, because why would they want me to go back? That's assuming their evil... if they are good spirits, they would want to convince to go back, yes?

    Of course, such reasoning is simply nonsense, and falls in line with people rationalizing that the devil and demons will never bother people who don't believe because they have already accomplished their mission! It is no wonder that when one stops believing in spirits that suddenly everything simply 'goes away'. Didn't a poster earlier on say out loud to a spirit to leave because it was disturbing his wife? Could it be very much possible that his wife hearing those words triggered an internal response to believe the spirit would have complied? Who's to say spirits even understand english? If they do, they must be intelligent and hence should be able to freely and willfully communicate with us, instead of using cryptic methods. Hence, the reality is that they don't exist, at least in my opinion, and most 'activities' are simply either a fabrication of our mind, or non-sensical rationalization.

    Other strong possibilities are carbon monoxide poisoning (resulting in hallucinations and 'hearing foot steps' and feeling cold), and small animals such as rodents picking up small clothing items and carrying them up to the attic.

    Hope this helps!

  • BabaYaga

    Coffee, I'm sorry your daughter and her awesome kids are going through this extra stress right now.

    I have no answers, nor any suggestions, but having read all of the comments, a thought occurred to me:

    If indeed someone was trying to scare Ali away (for real estate procurement or any other reason) why would he or she place the socks and sandals in the attic, especially when it is so difficult to access? Is there even a ladder close by the attic access?

    It looks to me that the chance of her finding those items would be so remote as to not seem worth the trouble to break in and stage those items as they were found.

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