Is there a Logical explanation for the spooky things happening at my daughter, Ali's house?!?!!!!

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  • Giordano

    Oh sorry Dread I didn't realize that I was supposed to come up with a logical suggestion when did this become your thread? If you missed a couple of pages a number of people have already shared tangible, helpful and logical ways to proceed.

    If you missed it the thread became a debate by believers and nonbelievers in reguard to visible vs invisable forces. My bullpucky (thanks pal)comments were meant to add a little humor to the situation.

    Now you on the other hand have certainely offered helpful advice. Let's see.

    Step 1 - 6 ????????????????? nothing. That's kind of bullpucky too isn't it?

  • Jadeen

    A couple of things came to my mind. First, she lives on a lot that is worth a lot of money and the owners are old. Perhaps the neighbors are attempting to make the place hard to rent so that they can buy it cheap. As was pointed out earlier, picking locks or copying keys is not that hard to do.

    Second, she's a single mom. Does she have an ex that she doesn't get along with, or that wants custody? Maybe there's a stepmom that is pissed about how much is paid in child support. It would be easy to make a copy of the key when the kids were over for visitation.

    In her situation, I would set up some motion activated cameras. Have the doors and stairways covered. Change the locks again and replace the deadbolts. And do not tell anyone! No mention of the cameras to the kids. Change the kids keys when they're sleeping.

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