Is there a Logical explanation for the spooky things happening at my daughter, Ali's house?!?!!!!

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  • TD

    I think people just get exasperated when the supernatural becomes the first and most preferrable explanation prior to any attempt to systematically eliminate the mundane.

    Weird things happen in my house. Televisions, DVD players etc. will turn on by themselves and sometimes do other things. --JW relatives all scream "Demons!" but it turns out I'm right in the path of a small airport and these things are caused by the ground avoidance radar in the more sophisticated planes.

  • Finally-Free
    Why don't some of you go down and help the lady find a "logical" explanation for the goings-on at her house?

    Best idea yet.


  • palmtree67

    200 years ago, people didn't believe germs existed, either. But they did.

    I'm open to the possibility that there may be things I don't know about this subject.

    When I hear ones vehemently deny the possiblity that there may be things existing we don't know about yet, it reminds of the doctors who refused to believe Pastuer, too.

  • Liberty93


    In that case, the solution is not to match their dogmatical douchebaggery but to do what they can't do - operate without preconceptions and prejudices, and with the belief that you just might be wrong.

  • Lion Cask
    Lion Cask
    In that case, the solution is not to match their dogmatical douchebaggery but to do what they can't do - operate without preconceptions and prejudices, and with the belief that you just might be wrong.

    Eloquently expressed, Liberty93. I have been wrong many times in my life and certainly make no claims of infallibility. I'll leave that to the Pope and GB. But I'm definitely from Missouri on any subject that proposes the existence of anything supernatural. As to being a dogmatic douchebag, well, I suppose I've been called worse.

    Can it all be easily dismissed - I don't think so.

    I would have to say in response that coming to a contrarian perspective after several decades does not qualify as easy dismissal. However, in the present context one might well ask Why not? No evidence, no credibility. Case dismissed. If I tell you I have fairies living in my garden but I can't provide even a shred of evidence to your satisfaction, I would fully expect you to reach back into your own experience and knowledge and dismiss what I am telling you. At some point you just need to move on. And, no thank you, I'm not interested in reading a bunch of books or getting into some philosophical debate. Been there, done that, ad nauseum, not interested. Just point me in the direction of the evidence.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    So, how far, and in what directions, specifically, should coffee-black go in order to find that "logical" explanation in this case?

    Now, of she follows these directions, if she gets to the end and finds "no logical" explanation for the phenomena, then what should she do?

    Should she come back here and ask for more avenues to investigate?

    When will you, of the "logical persuasion", be satisfied?

    If she does indeed find a "logical" explanation, then it will be "case closed" and we will all be satisfied, now won't we?

    So then, who of you will "step up" and help the lady find the "logic" in this case?


  • mamalove

    Ah I see Coffee_Black. Where I come from, one floor houses with shallow attics are called a ranch. No matter, it just stuck out in my head when you mentioned the layout of the house. :)

    I hope these things STOP, it must be really scary to be a single gal in a house that has mind of it's own. Keep us updated and see what you find out. I think more often than not, jerky people can mess and invade privacy for devious reasons. But I do believe in spirits of the dead too.

    You are a good mom for being so concerned.

  • Giordano

    My toilet started screaming at me about a month ago, You flush it and it's refilling and everything is fine and then it starts screaming. I mean it sounds like it's being tortured (no cheap jokes please). It's a fluidmaster and I went online and it turns out there's a whole web site for screaming fluidmaster toilets. Who knew?

    We have hot water gas heat. There is an expansion when the heated water works through the cold pipes. Gentle pings also a sound like a gun shot. Chopping sounds like someone chopping down a tree. Chop chop......... chop. I am not amused.

    Footsteps on my stairs, I can hear them plain as can one there. It always happens when a landscape truck with a trailer in back slows down on my street. The trailer goes bump bump bump bump-bump. I still think there's something coming up my stairs. I doubt my shotgun will be sufficient.

    My wife invited a 'sensitive' to come over and check out the house. The sensitive said yep you've got ghosts, you can see them out of the corner of your eye. I thought I was seeing something out of the corner of my eye........ I'll be darn. Ghosts she said. Both corners of my eye I asked. No, she said, just the corner further away from your nose. Right I said. How much are we paying her I asked my wife.

    I said those floating black dots I see all of the time...... are those ghosts? Yes she said, how intelligent of you. On the rare occasion when those black dots come together you'll see an entire person. Have you seen that happen I asked. Not and lived to tell about it she said.

    What about the red dot in someone's eyes you see in a snapshot what's that about? That’s your good old demon procession she said But my camera has a red dot remover I said.

    That's why it has a red dot remover she said....... make sure you use it at all times. It's called a DDE, that stands for demon digital eraser. You can't sell a camera in Asia without having the DDE option on it.

    No kidding I said. No kidding she replied I never kid. I can believe that, I said.

    I need to leave now, she said, your house is freaking me out. I don't take checks.. please.

    I don't have any cash the ghosts always take it.

    Then a check will be fine she said.

    It's in the mail I said.

  • jaguarbass

    Maybe you got rats, racoons, bats, in Florida you might even have a monkey.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    Once again, who is going to step up with a "logical map", a step by step process to help the lady, instead of coming up with bullshit like Giordano?

    Step #1

    Step #2

    Step #3

    Step #4

    Step #5

    Step #6

    Logical Conclusion.

    If no logical conclusion can be found, then what, exactly, should she do next?


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