Is there a Logical explanation for the spooky things happening at my daughter, Ali's house?!?!!!!

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  • Finally-Free

    I've never been one to believe in the paranormal, but sometimes you have to wonder. I've been looking for a logical explanation for moved or missing items around here too. One missing item struck me as particularly odd. My sister, a devout Catholic, gave me a bottle of holy water a while back. I try to be accepting of other people's beliefs, so I accepted it without issue and put it on a shelf in my closet, and didn't give it much thought. Recently I noticed it was gone without a trace. This worried me, because I live alone and no one is ever in the house without me present. The closet is also in Rocco's room, which I keep people out of because he isn't comfortable with most people. I searched the house high and low to see if I could find it and determine if anything else was missing. Nothing else was missing, but I found a few other items in odd places.

    I really doubt that someone broke in, leaving no signs of forced entry, only to steal a bottle of holy water out of my closet and leaving my computers, jewellery, and other valuables intact. Maybe I'm a sleepwalker and just don't know it.


  • nugget

    use local newspaper website and use a more general search terms rather than specific address it may yield something. It also may be worth contacting the previous occupants if you can.

  • BurnTheShips
    I agree BTS...but what to do about it? I'm 1500 miles away, and she is freaked...and doesn't need that kind of thing along with the heart trouble she has...

    Coffee_Black. We've had shadows, voices, and footsteps. Arguments were common for a time. The house had a dark depressive feel. It is hard to describe.

    Prayer and telling them to leave may work. You have to order them out in the name of Jesus.

    If you think it might be the spirit of a deceased, tell them it is OK to leave, to go home to heaven above.

    My wife has gone around the house reciting psalms and burning sage. I've done rosary prayers and novenas for several nights. Holy water. We may have identified the physical source of the problem, and gotten rid of it (JW family property given us secondhand). Hateful people.

    It's been a few weeks of quiet. So far, the house has a very different feel now. There are no more disturbances. The house is no longer dark and oppressive feeling. Quite cheery, actually.


  • NewChapter

    Which reminds me Free, I borrowed your bottle of holy water.

  • mrsjones5

    I would call the Ghost Hunters. I think they're quite near to your daughter's house.

  • tec

    I don't know where I stand on these things either... but someone I know wrote about similar things, and she was told by a medium to just calmly ask them to leave or to stop.


    OUTLAW Who Ya Gonna Call?..

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • transhuman68

    Sometime I wake up in the morning, and find my mobile phone and some books lying on the floor, and sometimes I hear barking and hissing coming from my built-in cupboard, and footsteps running across the roof...

    ...but its only possums.

  • Qcmbr

    Let's be sensible - if spirits existed AND could somehow move stuff how come ALL spirits are kleptomaniacs or like to move random stuff around - surely most spirits would just get a pen and paper and write something vaguely useful. Gosh - you do not have a spirit presence in your house, you may have a forgetful memory, a mischievous child, a pet who walks up on cupboards etc. or - and this would be the only one to be scared of - an odd landlord / former key holder.

    Set up a video recorder in rooms where the strange stuff happens and if you catch any poltergeist activity you will be a millionaire - yippee.

  • Vidiot

    Finally-Free - "I've never been one to believe in the paranormal, but sometimes you have to wonder."

    I'm on that page; I've had a couple experiences that twitched the needle on my weird-shit-o-meter.

    Nothing like the intro post, though.

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