Is there a Logical explanation for the spooky things happening at my daughter, Ali's house?!?!!!!

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  • coffee_black

    Ok.... looking for some logical explainations...

    My daughter, Ali, who I've been posting about on the forum...who has developed congestive heart failure...

    has had some spooky experiences lately in her house. Here are a few of the things that happened:

    About a month ago, Ali and her son David, heard noises from the attic above Ali's bedroom...that sounded like something was being dragged across the attic floor. David went into the attic and found a pair of Ali's sandals and a pair of sox. There was no reason for these items to be in the attic. It is not used for storage... and no one ever goes up in the attic.

    A couple of days ago, Ali went to pick up David at an after school function and took her other 2 kids with her. They were gone about 20 minutes. When they returned, Ali found a dress (that had been at the back of her closet...and that she had not touched in about 5 years since she had last worn it to an American Heart Assoc. fundraiser, ironically) ...draped across her bed....the bed she had been resting on before getting the call to pick David up. All the doors and windows in the house were locked...and all keys accounted for. She had changed the door locks about 6 months ago, and no one other than Ali and the kids have keys. The landlord does not have a key...and lives in Connecticut. Ali is in Orlando, Fl.

    When this happened, Ali called her landlord and asked if there was anything she should know about the house.... her landlord said that the people who lived there before had some strange things happen, but didn't say what. Ali has lived in the house about 8 years, and a few things have happened over the years that were odd...but she didn't take seriously. Things go missing all the time....but she has 3 kids after all.

    The house is a bungalo that sits on a huge lot. The landlord has been offered a huge amount of money for it because 4 or 5 houses could be built on the lot. The landlord won't sell... and in the 8 years Ali has lived there, her rent has only gone up $50. per month... Ali thinks her landlord may be hiding something... but what?



  • BurnTheShips

    It seems like you have some issues at that house. We've been having some trouble with ours as well.


  • nugget

    google the address and see if anything turns up. I don't know where I am with the paranormal. Are there any paranormal research facilities you could contact who might wish to spend time investigating the strange things that happen in the house.

  • free2beme

    Do not do a spirit board to find out, FYI. I would advice perhaps speaking out loud to what ever presense is there and say you noticed the signs and respect they might not like you there or perhaps feel you are in there space. Explain to them that they have passed away and need to cross over, as the dead to not always know they passed and are confused and lost. What seems like months, years or days to the physical world. Might seem like seconds of time to a lost soul.

    Also, consider bringing in some protection. Perhaps burning some sage, a pentagram or something else that tells them you are not going to accept their games. They obviously have a connection to the girl and it might be because she reminds them of someone they knew when they were alive, in either looks, voice or energy. It might be good to speak out that she is not who they think and explain who she really is. This might get them to redirect or leave you alone.

    While I am a firm believer in spirits, etc. I am not ignorant to darker energy in this plain of existence and if something does not feel right, at some point and bad things begin happening. Consider moving. However, I think you are dealing with a lost spirit here, who likes being alone or is concernd about change to this place they have dwelled in since their death a few decades back. Although, they might not have died there. They might have followed someone they loved or were connected to there and they moved quickly or changed in a way that they did not recognize. (Child grew up, person changed appearance, etc.) These actions might be something as simple as thinking, 'are you Beverly?' etc. I am using this name, as a example. Not saying it is the name.

    Well, responses like mine, normally cause a stir here ... so expect it. When your your a practicing Wiccan, you get used to it.

  • coffee_black

    I agree BTS...but what to do about it? I'm 1500 miles away, and she is freaked...and doesn't need that kind of thing along with the heart trouble she has...


  • transhuman68

    Locks only keep honest people out- just a bluff really. Your daughter may have weirdo neighbours next door or across the street- someone who knows when the house is empty. Putting bolts on all the doors might be a good security precaution.

  • coffee_black

    Transhuman68... There are deadbolts on all the doors...and Ali locks them every time she leaves... They checked on all the windows after she found the dress on the bed...and all windows were fully closed and locked.

    Ali knows all her neighbors and gets along with them... they were a big help when she was in the hospital.


  • Satanus

    Interesting. I would think that a non scammer psychic could go there and do a meditation there to see what's behind it, then possibly clear it. I would not recommend for you or ali to go in that direction, yourselves. Just keep ignoring it as you have been. If you open yourselves to things like this, they can get worse, and you need to know how to overcome them. Best to ignore/block.


  • coffee_black


    I did as you suggested... and just got real estate adds for properties in her neighborhood...


  • transhuman68

    Someone may have slipped in and used modelling clay to make an impression of the house key if they were left lying around, and cut their own copy. For some people it's a game: I've had it done to me. Eventually you move out, and they have won. With valuable real estate, the stakes can be high.

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