What is happening to JWN ?...So many topics not relating to Jehovah's Witnesses!

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  • chickpea

    it would seem, as has been said, that xjws are as diverse as the real world....
    hence the multi-dimensional aspect to the site, which btw, seems to have
    enough appeal to continue a growing membership... it may not appeal to
    every exiting jw, but then again, it shouldnt have to.... to each her own...

  • chrisjoel

    Dear Rick

    We are already "consumed" with our own loved ones held within its walls. Whoever has the time and energy to make it a fulltime obsession risks looking fanatical. When we left JWs many of us were basket cases for a time but of course, you gotta deal with it, then move forward... On the other hand if its your "ministry" or your religious "calling" to get them out then thats ANOTHER STORY wouldnt you say??? All Im saying is that there is a big difference in wanting to get our loved ones out and then wanting to get them out so that we can "bring them to christ"....just saying

  • cantleave

    Rick, this is largest ex-jw forum on the net for a reason, people like it. The constant trickle of new members would indicate that people are not being put off. People vote with their feet (or keyboards) and I would say based on the level activity on this site - you are wrong.

    Keep up the good work Rick, but focus on your strengths not other's perceived weaknesses.

  • minimus


    You know I love ya, man. One thing I've always appreciated about you is that you are a tolerant reasonable person. You might have different approaches to things but I've always thought of you as a non-judgmental person. Are you having a bad day, week or month?

  • laverite

    Elderelite -- I disagree. I do not want to see Kool Aid Man in his "natural element."

    Kool-Aid dude is on a mission. He's a man with a purpose. Many of us on this site are not on a mission per se. Nothin' wrong with being on a mission and there's nothin' wrong leaving that to others. Different strokes and all.

    As relationships develop on this site, we sometimes like to chat with each other about...oh...I don't know...flying cars. Nothin' wrong with that. I love my peeps on here. I love chatting with them about all kinds of stuff. That's what makes this site fun.

    Brother Kool-Aid, you are way too intense and far too serious sometimes. Lighten up and relax a little before you have a cardiac or some kind of cerebrovascular event. You will live longer and he happier. Now, let me give you a .

  • mouthy

    Yes I agree Freedom to speak as you want is what MY GOD allows.
    But I am leaving the sight... because I am sick & tired of the fights,the filthy talk
    It isnt as it used to be. friendly! kind,loving,(MANY OF YOU ARE) but alot now
    try to make out that freedom means instead of taking garbage into our MINDS as
    we did, we now take it into our eyes....I dont need it,I know it is O.K to use the F
    word in todays world. But I even dont allow my grandkids to use it in MY house
    so why should I be a hypycrite & watch it on here ?

    Good bye !!good luck to you all /.I love Simon & Angie VERY MUCH for all they did for us all
    No I am NOT looking for attention as many has suggested to me ....I am just tired.
    Yes Mouthy Grace !!!! as always MOUTHY

  • laverite


    I always have loved your posts. You are one of the most precious people out there. I loved hearing your voice on the Six Screens call in show. I just wanted to run up and give you a hug. You couldn't be lovelier.

  • tec


    I don't think anyone was suggesting that you are looking for attention!!! Everyone here loves you!

    I understand how you feel about the fighting, though, and how exhausting it is to listen to. I don't want you to go, but I do want you to do what you need to do for your own peace and integrity.

    Love and peace to you in Christ,


  • Leolaia

    ((((mouthy)))) Take a break, enjoy the things in life you love, and then when you feel like it, come around here and visit with your friends who love to see you when you are here.


    I think by the comments you are reading proves my point.......
    It's easy to see how a hand full of posters want to continue to hi jack threads and draw attention to themselves,
    now that is Narcissistic behavior.....KoolAidMan

    Unlike you who is a Guest on this board..Is allowed to Promote his Talk Show on this Board..


    Starts Another Thread..Disrespecting this Board and it`s Members?..

    Being Jealous of the Success of JWN..Won`t make your Talk Show any more Popular..

    If you want Credibility..Bring Credible Guests on your Show..

    Expecting everyone here to believe Johnny the Bullshit Bethelite without Question,is Redicules..

    Expecting everyone to Wait for Hours for an Advertised Guest is Redicules..

    One of your last Shows was so Interesting..You went to Bed during the Show..LOL!!

    Don`t advertise something you Don`t Have..

    Like a "World Wide WBT$ Protest"..And..All you have is..

    3 Protesters with 4 Signs..LOL!!..

    Your Exaggeration..


    Your complaining about JWN and its members,is Killing your Reputation..

    Think before you post on JWN.

    Maybe theres something left to Salvage..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

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