What is happening to JWN ?...So many topics not relating to Jehovah's Witnesses!

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  • JRK

    Narcissism, thy name is Rick Fearon. I am the way and the light. Listen to my show . . . etcetera ad nauseum.


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  • sooner7nc

    koolaid-man, on my FB page I'm friends with several Ex-JWs, you included, and I've made it pretty clear that I'm not a JW anymore and am not the least bit shy about arguing the point with anyone. However, I recently got into a heated discussion with an old friend from my JW days in my hometown who had took offense at one person on my FB page that I had befriended. That person was you Rick. I kept you as a friend, at the expense of my deluded JW friend, because I wanted to show support for you even though I feel your methods are somewhat counter-productive.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is you need to chill the f*** out, and you need to do it immediately.

  • Qcmbr

    There are pro JW forums/sites and their are anti-JW forums/sites. I get the feeling this is neither; offering all comers a chance to interact and share their opinions , gripes, fears , judgements , prophecy, stories or in Shamus' case kisses. JWN is great with regards pro-JWs because unlike the door to door variety they will generally stay and duke it out (which I really admire.) JWN is great with regards to anti-JWs in that very few topics off limits (as opposed to a pro site that would maybe shut down threads the moment they applied any critical thinking.) For everyone else in the middle there is an opportunity to show life goes on both inside and outside the JWs (and this is perhaps the healthiest part of the whole site!)

    I like that it has no overt agenda with very light handed mods which allows fluff threads and other ferocious threads where emotions get laid out. I have been to the six screens website and it has a place, it does its job, for what it's worth I think it's quite good.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    If you don't like this site don't log in. I love it here! I feel in some ways I grew up here. I joined after I knew JW were crap but this site helped with the guilt and the underlining feeling of being raised in a cult. I like the non JW topics. That's what humans do. we have something that we can relate to but life is bigger and it shows the moving on fazed... and the bad speach? so what we can say what we feel now! love it

  • NewChapter

    I have one post left for the next 6 hours (because I am brand new), and I have a humble opinion that just must be screamed.

    Many of the posts have nothing to do with with Jehovah's Witnesses

    Er, that is the point. We have come from a place where EVERYTHING was about JW's. Welcome to the "world" If I wanted everything to be about JW again, I'd go to the hall.

    new ones coming on this board would be turned off by the content of many of these off color posts. Foul inappropriate language which is not proper or suitable for exiting witnesses to visibly inspect

    What, What What???? Are you writing a WT article? If those exiting find things exactly as they were inside, what's the point of exiting? If they find free expression so scary or distasteful, they may NEED to jump back in the congregation and bake for a little longer. They are not ready.

    Many post are designed with a sexual complexion, instant turn-off for new ones coming in.

    Perhaps all the women on the board should wear long skirts and avoid form fitting blouses, (and sisters, remember, the top of you slit is the bottom of your skirt!) and the men on the board should not highlight their hair or wear beards. And while we are at it, lets agree not to wear slogans on our tshirts, because someone could get stumbled.

    Narcissism runs rampant on this board, just what a doubting jws wants to see,apostates who love themselves.

    Of course, because we wouldn't want any of the refugees to actually think it is okay to LOVE THEMSELVES. That would most certainly be narcissistic. For that matter, if they actually think more of themselves than necessary, they may leave the KHall. Oh, wait, isn't that what they are trying to do? Wait a minute, I'm confused now. What is the mission?

    What do you think?

    Since you asked...I think that laying honey traps to draw people in reminds me of another group... I think the people here have worried and fretted and anqushed over how others view them for too much of their lives. They've lived under judgemental eyes, questioning their every move. I think they became tired of being Ambassadors to ANY group with all actions under public scrutiny. I think it is unfair to ask any of them to "properly" represent JWN, and to avoid bringing "reproach" on the board, for fear that "interested ones" may be turned off. Please. They found this site on their own. I, for one, will give them MUCH MORE trust and CREDIT than the WT did. I would choose not to shield them, but expose them, and in doing so, help them make up their own mind.

    I think this was a strong post from someone so new--however this is the board I found this week. If I had found a mini K hall, I would have bolted.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    hey newchaper Welcome! I don't understand the limited posts? I don't post enough to get the limit but I thought your thougts were right on.

  • bohm

    what a great place this would be if it was ONLY on jehovahs witness.

  • Vidiot

    JRK - "Narcissism, thy name is Rick Fearon."

    Rick Fearon is the Alex Jones of the XJW community (he even looks a bit like him).

    SixScreens is therefore its PrisonPlanet equivalent.

  • clarity

    Hi NewChapter & welcome, I am assuming that you are a guy,...if not.

    Great post, classic really! I could 'feel' the meaning in every word and agree entirely with your observations.

    Look forward to when you are bequeathed another few posts in the next 24 hrs! lol


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