I need a show of hands: who believes the Bible and to what extent?

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  • Rabbit

    Well, see...I wish I could believe in a creator or a god(s), the Bible just makes that very difficult.

    It's not just the physical, historical, scientific, contradictory, 'inspired things of God' that these men (goat-herders) got wrong. But, their Omnipotent Perfect God never took a perfect opportunity to educate or correct them. Why ? He wasn't bound by the Prime Directive, like on Star Trek. He could have improved their lives with accurate, truthful info.

    We only live 70-90 yrs, if we're lucky. Would it have been that much trouble for The Most Powerful God to have shown up every once in a while in the last few thousand years? He could have cleared up any mistakes that crop up when you let goat-herders write His Words. He could have "walked around" like in Eden...at least once in every-body's lifetime -- He could have done a lot more.

    But, He didn't. I know...Adam & Jesus, nope. 2 times in the Bible's thousands of years, is not enough. It also is impossible to believe in thisOmnipotent God of Love, because He has NEVER done anything to alleviate the suffering of mankind -- EVER !

    He only CAUSED the problem by not killing the story book Adam & Eve off. Period. He could have started over, right? How can I love a God of Love -- like that??

    I'm agnostic. So, if there is a god -- it's made it impossible to believe in It.

    My answer: No.

  • chrisjoel

    No not really. I would say the book is responsilbe for a culture of SEX SHAME over the centuries....you cant talk about sex as a normal discussion ..Howard stern had to go to satellite radio to be able to speak freely about sex...and i put the blame on books like the bible that set the judeo christian culture upon north america...What would life be like without it i wonder.It made me agnostic and to believe it would require a great leap of something...I think Jesus really did live and lots of what is recorded has been exagerated and misunderstood but those writing it as seen by many books that were excluded from its cannon...On the other hand without it there may have been even more violence over the centuries as man fights man...So many holy books in all parts of the world makes u wonder....But then again lthere are tribes based on myth like the Dogon...I think if there were no holy books we would have to invent them...and we did just that.

  • tec
    I would say the book is responsilbe for a culture of SEX SHAME over the centuries.

    Just as a side note - I think men came along and added that into Christianity. The book doesn't say that men and women should be ashamed of a pleasurable sex life - not even the NT. I certainly don't get the image that Jewish women were ashamed of sex with their husbands. Seems that multiple wives fought and bargained to have their husband's attention at night. And there are wordings about not neglecting your second, less favored wife by not sleeping with her or making sure she gets her fair share, lol. Even Paul says that husbands do not deny your wives, same as wives do not deny your husbands.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I believe it exists, because I've seen several. I've even owned a few.

    It is a piece of literature, the product of a collection of primitive men, all of whom were LIARS.

    I doubt that much of it is literally true or that many of the characters appearing within the covers were real or, if they were real, presented honestly.

    That's what I think.

  • chrisjoel

    Just as a side note - I think men came along and added that into Christianity

    Sure except that from the First book of the bible shame and guilt and now directly connected to the penis and vagina.......which they chose to cover up instead of anything else.......

  • 3Mozzies

    I don't believe in 'Fairy Tales' anymore! So my hand is not raised.


  • thetrueone

    I believe in the some of the guiding virtue spoken by Christ in how mankind should treat one another,

    especially his greatest commandment to love one another. Christ may very well have been the first humanist.

  • clarity

    As I put pencil to paper fingers to keys, suddenly I don't know what to believe anymore! Not because I haven't read or studied the bible, but because I have. Especially since quietly slipping out the back door.

    I've allowed myself a long look at the incredible stories, and lining them up with a mathmatical or scientific view....it just makes me go ...huh??(or wtf)!!!

    All I know for sure is that when I read the book of John, letters to Romans, Galations & Ephesians ... there is a resonating that confirms to me that Jesus the Christ is real.

    The fact that there are many "holy books" is very confusing. Is only one right? Is the bible more for the north Americans?


  • passwordprotected

    Who believes the Bible about what?

    In most respects I agree with Syl. The Church has created a monster, in some ways, with how they handle the Bible. Words like "authority" and "inerrant" don't help anyone.

  • Qcmbr

    Grimms fairytales with added sexual spice, contradictory moral conclusions, racism, slavery, child abuse, blood obsession, patriarchal dominance of women, blood and gore from start to finish, magic, infanticide, incest, lies, murder, witches, talking animals, impossible geological events, necromancy, curses, divine bets, penis obsession and self-mutilation, warfare in the name of god (whichever name), medical cloning experiments, terror, angry retribution, devils, demons and torture.

    It's like an ancient mix of The Saw, The Exorcist, Superman 1, Debby does the Midle East, Deep Impact, Harry Potter (1) and The Invisible Man.

    Please read with an 18 cert., a bottle of meds if you scare easily and a straight jacket in case you start to believe it.

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