I need a show of hands: who believes the Bible and to what extent?

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  • LV101

    ROBDAR --- i understand but really appreciate the comment you posted and it does help.


  • Heaven

    I completely agree with those who state that the Bible is a book written by ancient men and that one of its purposes is to attempt to explain the unexplainable, especially for the Ancients' time. My Muslim colleague has some good words of wisdom:

    "All Holy Books must be interpretted for the times we live in. There will definitely be passages that no longer apply."

    I have friends and family who have contacted the "Spirit" world using a Ouija board. It is interesting to listen to their stories. My nephew is one of these people and is by no means a religious person. I doubt he believes in "God" (he was not raised in a religious household). He and his friends contacted the "Spirit" world and witnessed an apparition. They also received a warning which they heeded and were glad they did. He described the apparition and what its actions were. He was specific about the warning and the suddenness of the event they were warned about. I do not doubt his story. The question is, what did he experience?

    In these types of situations, I like to start with what we know. Everything is energy in it's basic form. We are all energy and we all manipulate it; some more than others. We can be trained to hone this skill. We know that energy is neither created nor destroyed. We know that energy can be transformed. We know there are positive and negative energies. To me, a "Spirit Realm" is the domain for energy outside of the physical realm, and the "Holy Spirit" is all of our energies, past and present, within this domain. Energy is the basis for everything. We also know that we are all creators, including the other species that live on this planet. These things have helped give me a foundation to deal with some of the supernatural accounts in the Bible.

    So what happens to our energy when we die? I can understand believing in a 'heaven' where everything is beautiful, and perfect, and amazing, where energies without a living physical entity can reside. It is a wonderfully romantic idea. Many different belief systems speak of a place such as this. But the fact of the matter is, we do not KNOW that this 'place' exists. We have yet to be presented with physical proof.

    I myself have never attempted to contact the "Spirit" world using a device. Fear about doing so was instilled in me as a child. I do believe you need to be educated about what you are doing in this respect. Perhaps one day I will gain enough courage and knowledge to actually do this. Regarding ritual, I think there is some benefit to it, however, I also feel it can become staged and stagnant if you do not allow each person the freedom to be creative and joyful in it, especially if is not inappropriate and/or if the situation lends itself to this.

    For now, I continue to educate myself. There is much I do not know. Due to the narrow mindedness of my upbringing, I am interested in learning about other faiths and beliefs which I was warned against, as well as what the ancient philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists have written about.

    I enjoy reading about the research others here have done, as well as their experiences. Thank you all for sharing and please keep doing this so we can all continue learning.

  • PSacramento
    Wow PS - that's a short list. Thanks for pointing out to us how few people who have critical thinking skills have fallen into the trap of faith in magic!

    Oh, you wanted a COMPREHENSIVE list of the BILLIONS of people that believe in God?

    I'll get on that right away, for now you can check out the Biologos.org website and the Veritas Forum just to help you adapt to the revolutionary idea that believe in God doen't make one "lose all his thinking skills".

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    A lot of people believe in a Something but it gets culturally informed and nebulus in the details. Look how many versions there are of the Jesus Character right on this Forum. But people need the security of Something or Someone watching over them, we get that.

  • Terry

    I find it interesting that the Koran is God (Allah) speaking directly to man without an intermediating consciousness.

    The bible, on the other hand, is the mind and hand of man in some unspecified manner "guided" by God reporting perceptions.

    What possible advantage is there in the bible's methodology as compared to the Koran?

  • designs

    Well the Bible tells you that Islam is false

  • sleepingbeauty

    I believe non of it any more. Ok it contains words of wisdom like not killing each other, but who needs a bible to tell you thats wrong !

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    SB- with eyes wide open. I had to wait until I got Tri-focals

  • Abad-El

    I agree that the bible is a kabalistic book and just analyze the numbers throughout the bible and you'll se why

    number 3

    number 12


    all these are symbolic and any idiot will realize this

    esp 144,000 it just means 12x 12 =a gross x1000(the highest number known by the jews)or 144 to the fourth power

    (ex. 144 ,1440,14400,144,000)

    see its all SYMBOLIC

    just look at the WT book explaining revelation take the numbers shown on the 1st chapter 3,4,12,10,7,ect and use this meaning to study

    then youll understand why moses died at 120 years (3 x 40 ) (egypt=40 /jethro=40/desert=40)( 3 and 4 multiples of 12)

    why jesus rose at the third day and why returned to heaven at 40 days ect.

    but althought questionable is a good book with some truth to it .

  • designs

    Abad- I like the truth about the Sun standing still for Joshua

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