I need a show of hands: who believes the Bible and to what extent?

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  • bohm

    psac: yes, this illustrate my point: i believe each of these options are possible, certainly! but they are not equally likely; the chances that he desided to just go away (or was kidnapped, or an accident of some sort happened, or he won the lottery and desided to leave everything) is larger than eg. aliens and God. I will even tend to say the chances God is behind it would be less than the aliens, but i might be colored in that respect.


    i cant help but notice the similarity with a certain story in the gospels :-).

  • PSacramento

    Bohm, I think we both can agree that neither one of us is without bias, mine towards God and yours against the "supernatural" and I think we can agree that niether one of us is ignorant of things or of the point we are each trying to make, yes?

    In my view, possibly because the supernatural is less "super" to me, I don't have any issues in placing "GOD" as a more than likely answer to an event that is "super natural" (so very rare that it i s outside our perception of what is natural) and it seems that you do and I can understand and respect that.

  • Terry

    Words are really important to me because they are the only real tools of thought we have to build knowledge, meaning and (double duty) imaginary concoctions.

    The "super" part of supernatural and superstition tells us that we have ___gone beyond___ a certain limit.

    Nature is all that exists. If you "go beyond" what exists----where does that leave you except in the territory of what doesn't.

    The imaginary "exists" rather than exists.

    Our core values (emotions) respond just as strongly to imaginary depicitions as to real ones.

    Have you ever cried in a movie? When Old Yeller died I almost did too!

    Old Yeller was an imaginary dog.

    Separating the natural truth from the SUPERnatural "truth" takes vigilance, rational alertness and an honesty of intellect that can be daunting.

  • Heaven

    ^ LOL!

    Hey Terry, how do you like those words?

  • Terry

    Now that strikes me as suddenly weird!

    I get these sorts of unsolicited e-mails as well.

    I think others may get the same kind.

    Am I wrong?

  • unshackled

    Suddenly weird indeed Terry. I just discovered a PM from that very poster....using the exact same words. And here I thought I was special...dammit.

  • shamus100

    Wow. Terry has a secret admirer that has a rudimentary understanding of the english language.

    They say opposites attract - GO FOR IT TERRY!

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