I need a show of hands: who believes the Bible and to what extent?

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  • Terry

    Is that a statement of speculation or of knowledge?

    Perhaps a little speculation but more profoundly structured on knowledge of the roots of spiritualism, attributing to the cause and reason.

    Mysticism, superstition and invisible realms of communication between spirits and humans come from a pre-science era when imagination and fear ruled man's thinking.

    If we drag that into present day and let it contaminate our thinking we skip the advancements in proof, logic, reasoning, empiricism and genuine progress in our understanding of how things really work.

    What Religion seems to do for us in the way of calming our fears and empowering our sense of participation in eternal things---it also damages in our ability to think without the baggage of demons and monsters from the id.

    We aren't in Never Never Land and Peter Pan isn't going to fly in and save us from Captain Hook.

  • thetrueone

    What do you think the Holy Spirit wants of us? If you don't believe in it is any wonder that you might not know.

    Cant answer that question obviously if I don't believe in spirits .

    I guess it all depends on what spirit you want to believe in, there have been many in mankind's history to choose from.

    Have you ever stop to wonder why is it that these notable spirits had their beginnings thousands of years ago and not one in are modern times ?

    Therefore every spirit is the true one all you have to do is pick one .

  • The Finger
    The Finger


    What is your hope?

  • thetrueone

    We aren't in Never Never Land and Peter Pan isn't going to fly in and save us from Captain Hook.

    So true Terry

    Unfortunately the JWs believe that Christ will be here within are life time to make the world a better place, all we have to

    do is be patient and wait. Well at least his channel of communication to humanity recognized as his solemn publishing corporation in Brooklyn

    New York tells us that. And not soon enough cause I have a mess of hemorrhoids that would make a gorilla cry .

  • thetrueone


    What is your hope?

    That all expressive thoughts of spiritualism are completely removed from the human consciousness and that mankind

    faithfully puts hope within are selfs for are own benefiting survival..

    We are progressing in this direction as the statistics show on which segment of the population holds on to a religious belief today.

    Right now we are going through a evolution within human consciousness toward a more humanistic one which will benefit are selfs

    as well as future generations to follow.

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    So you will die with no hope of ever seeing your loved ones again happy that no one has that hope.

  • warmasasunned

    nice book in parts some great storys but not gods word

  • thetrueone

    Finger why in the hell are you here ?

    Shouldn't you be going door to door selling immortality as you've been duly indoctrinated trained by the WT$. Corporation,

    instead of being on the biggest JW apostate web site in the world......tich tich if only the elders knew !

    JWS are just selfish blood sucking leaches sucking off what advancements humanity has to offer right now while

    waiting for their promised eternal Paradise. They contribute nothing to humanity but are only here to take and serve their

    selfish self centered and deserving desires. Sorry to pull off that white sheet of pretentious spiritual purity that you cloaked yourself with

    but you were asking for it. Likewise its important to do the same to the WT Corporation in a attempt to reveal

    " The Truth " what really is under the cloak. Obviously you haven't yet realized the damage of what this disingenuous

    spiritual channel has done to people. No hope there to be seen at all just regrettable disgust and sorrow.

  • myelaine

    dear Terry...

    you said: "I asked this question (see Topic above) to determine if the very act of disconnecting from a strong belief system (voluntarily or otherwise) automatically REBOOTS the abandoned rational fuse in one's brain or not.

    It would appear it does."...

    HUH?...because there were "disconnected" people who responded who still believe, (to some extent and/or to a great extent), the message contained in the bible...how can you determine that there IS an "abandoned rational fuse"?...AND that it has been rebooted?

    love michelle

    p.s. unless I'm misunderstanding your (stated) criteria...I think you might be losing it my friend.

  • A.Fenderson

    Why does the fact that he refuses to impose himself where he is not wanted make him/it/her petty? Couldnt this also be a result of respect instead of pettiness? Even if it is seen as pettiness, this now puts us into the realm of interpreting God's nature rather than whether God exists or not.

    Your words that promtped my comments about pettiness were: " You have acquaintances and friends. Who are you more likely to help out when they call you late at night? Would God respond any differently?"

    So you're correct that we're now discussing/interpreting the discussed God's nature, but the scenario in question, which you raised, was one in which the non-believer is calling out to God, asking for help. Prior to that, I did ask why God chooses to ignore the vast majority of us, and by that I meant essentially: why do some non-believers, such as yourself, have religious experiences that they are quite sure are instances of God contacting them, while the majority of us don't? That seems, for lack of a better term, unfair on God's part.

    Besides, perhaps God's enigmatic nature is for his amusment and not ours.

    That sounds like a parent who has two small children and acts very lovingly and caring towards one of them, while acting inconsistently towards the other, for no other reason than to amuse himself. Beyond petty.

    I have been recently musing over the thought that just because we have been taught that God is pure love doesnt' mean that it's true, does it?

    It certainly doesn't sound like your version of God is. You seem to have a very unique take on him/her/it, at least in contrast to the general understanding of the universally-accepted qualities of the God of Christianity. Yours sounds far more like the YHWH of old--he was all about helping the chosen ones, at the expense of their neighbors.

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