Do you miss "dressing up" for the meetings?

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  • isaacaustin

    Brotherdan, nice to have you back. I wish you luck and hope things work out for you.

  • mrsjones5

    There was one that would always come up to me, put his leg up on the locker room bench, and try to talk to me while I avoided trying to look at his nasty swampy parts.

    He did that cuz he wanted you to look at his nasty swampy parts. Yep

    Back to the topic: No, I don't miss "dressing up" for meetings. I do miss dressing up to go out.

  • Leolaia

    I seem to "dress up" only once a year now: in 2010 it was to go to a wedding and in 2009 it was to go to the opera. I feel uncomfortable in dressy clothes, or even in casual dresses and skirts, especially having put on some lbs. and feeling more self-conscious of my body. I like to feel comfortable. Dressy clothes: uncomfortable.

  • clarity

    It all starts with the darn uncovered legs that stick out from under The Dress!

    So now you need to pull on those Pantyhose. good luck with that!

    Then, because The Shoes really stick out now, at the bottom of yourself......

    you now need many Different Shoes to go with all the Different Outfits!

    Then you need to find more Big Purses to go with all this Stuff!

    Oh I'm so tired........think I'll just stick my jeans on and go for a walk.

    clarity - oh, did that answer your question? just to be sure,... NO!


    As a teen JW I used to wear the oddest clothes to the meeting. I would have been a goth, if allowed. As I wasn't allowed to express my individuality in that way, I resorted to wearing the most outrageous thing I could get away with, I used to tie multi colour ribbons in my hair, and clashing clothes. I was trying hard not to conform but within the constrains of JW parents. So for that reason I did enjoy dressing up, and the disaproving look of the cong and my parents. Looking back on it though, they probably did not see it as rebellion at all - just bad taste!


  • RubaDub

    Not at all.

    In our office, we wear ties about half of the time, depending on if clients are visiting or not. On some occasions, a jacket or suit.

    If I never wore a tie again I would not miss it.

    Rub a Dub

  • Finally-Free

    I never minded dressing up, and I still don't mind, but I rarely have a reason to anymore.


  • undercover

    I hated dressing up for the meetings.

    It wasn't so much getting dressed was getting dressed up with no where to go...except the Kingdom Hall or door-to-door. It was 3, usually 4 days a week, that I had to put on a suit/tie/jacket and drive to a KH to sit for two hours...or drive around service territories. Over time, you don't care about how you look. It's a uniform, not a suit. So you buy cheap, off the rack suits and cheap shoes.

    Now I don't have to dress up several times a week so when the occasion calls for a proper suit or even better, a tux...I actually enjoy it. I'm going to a swanky party, or a show or some other event where dressing dapper is the norm. It's cool on special occasions to take the time and effort to look good and enjoy going out. My suits and tux are fitted and the new suits I buy are good quality. If I'm going to dress up, I'm going to do it right. And we'll make an evening of off our fancy clothes at a bar, then dinner, then whatever event, then a night cap at another bar. Very cool...

    Then the next night it's back to honky tonks and biker bars...

  • breathing

    i just love the freedom of NOT having to dress up, and actually feeling free to wear what the hell i like to places, and not being judged half as much for it,

    i hate seeing men wear ties, (sorry guys!) it just reminds me soooo much of those fxxxing elders, and all the crap that went with it,

    oh to just be able to wear what i feel comfy in,


    i went to a wedding recently and wore trousers, i actually had a flashback and felt frightened, then realised NOONE was going to "counsel" me!

    i do like to dress up sometimes, but its when I feel like it, not cos of any rules

  • brotherdan

    Didn't the WT forbid pant suits because it was "immitating the lesbians"? They are so retarded. Poor sister that have to wear dresses, knowing full well that their vericose veins are out for everyone to see.

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