Do you miss "dressing up" for the meetings?

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  • LisaRose

    I don't mind getting dressed up now and again, but I would sure hate to do it every day. I used to wear dresses at work, but that was more because it was very hot where I lived and long dresses were in style then and I could get away with no pantyhose, so it was the most comfortable option. Now I have a few dresses that I wear out to dinner, or to a wedding, but I don't work, so mostly I live in jeans. I do try to wear jewelry and put some thought into what I am wearing, so I look put together. Now I can't even imagine having to get dressed up and sitting in the kingdom hall several times a week, yuck. I

  • sd-7

    Well, I got so used to it that it became like a second skin for me. I still wear a shirt and tie everyday except Fridays (and sometimes I wear the tie on Fridays too) for work. I did like wearing the suits, maybe it made me feel like James Bond or something. I get so caught up in evening activities with helping prep dinner or the kids or groceries (or Internet, TV or Kindle reading, let's be honest) that I sometimes don't take off the dress clothes until well into the night.

    I think when I see the JW men in their suits going into the KH, I feel like they look so burdened, so weighed down. (The giant briefcases do not help that perception.) I at least gave up the suit jacket at some point. That's about as relaxed as I can get.

    Sometimes I miss it because maybe some part of me actually did feel like I looked good, as much as I tried to deny it for so long. Now, I don't know--gettin' old, and even my mom just compared me to a bearded U.S. President that's in a Spielberg movie right now. So...but that's another story. Otherwise, too much hand-shaking, trying to put on and feeling uncomfortable and utterly out of place and unable to measure up and hoping the prison guards don't decide to 'check in' on me today.

    Certainly the recruitment work was problematic while wearing a suit--the extremes of weather, mainly the heat, oh, man...the jacket was such a liability. And the dress shoes. That's one thing I don't miss--my feet hurt terribly from dress shoes. I've still got to wear insoles all the time, even in my slippers from all those hours of streetwork and the like.


  • RoosterMcDooster

    No way! I always felt rather silly "dressing up", sort of like a clown wearing a monkey suit. Whenever I would get those "compliments" like "nice suit" or "I like your tie", I would say thanks or whatever. But I would think to myself -your nutz-.......However I did appreciate compliments on my beard. So, thanks, if any of you are here it always made the meeting better!

  • Chariklo

    I thoroughly Dili,ed dressing up. I haven't put a skirt on since walking away from all the nonsense, back in February.

    When I first went to the KH, I expressed surprise at the dress code. I was told it was "out of respect for Jehovah". I replied that surely God didn't care about things on the outside? He is more concerned about our hearts, I said.

    "Are you sure about that?" came the elderette's stock put-down response. I immediately felt silly, Catholic that I was, and so the indoctrination process began. I was knowledgeable about many things, but finding myself in an environment totally new and alien, I felt at sea. I was adrift, and they capitalised on it.


  • snakeface

    Actually, I did not like dressing up at that time but I certainly do now.

    At that time, I dressed up because it was required. I hate to shave, but I used to have to shave again in the evening after work, for the meetings. Or else for conventions and assemblies I'd be dressed up and sweating my butt off, helping elderly sisters in and out of my car, walking across the stadium parking lot carrying lunch coolers in the heat or rain. I certainly don't miss field service in the Florida sun where you sweat so much even your tie and belt get soaking wet with sweat.

    Now if I dress up it's because I want to, for a special event...a special date, going to the symphony or a wedding or funeral. Most churches don't have a dress code; if I go I wear business casual.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I've worn a suit twice since last attending a meeting. Both times were for funerals. I don't miss it at all.

  • keyser soze
  • Balaamsass

    WOW- I have not thought about this. NO. All those suits etc are expensive to buy and maintain, and not comfortable.

    In my area almost no one wears a suit for business, which I find amusing since WTBTS insisted the JW dress code is "business attire".

  • Apognophos

    I still dress up for the meetings :-\ So I can't say I miss it. But I might some day; certainly it's never bothered me. Ties, collared shirts and jackets, heavy winter coats, suit pants, etc. are actually more comfortable for me than a loose-necked t-shirt and pair of blue jeans (or any other pants). The more clothes, the better. The snugger, the better.

  • cobaltcupcake

    Shoot, I don't even own a skirt now. I hated pantyhose. So, hell no.

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