Do you miss "dressing up" for the meetings?

by dozy 71 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • joyfulfader

    I did like dressing up. I probably pushed the envelope a bit by dressing in form fitting pencil skirts and often wore fishnets and boots with classic and unique jackets. At times I would even wear garters and thigh high stockings underneath just to feel an inner sexiness lol. At 6'2" in my heels I was hard to miss but no one ever messed with me lol. I was careful with skirt length and neckline but could hardly be referred to as a conservative dresser. I miss that part.

  • Skbj

    I hated dressing up FOR the meetings, I don't hate dressing up.

    You couldn't wear heals too high. Couldn't wear black fishnets, they were "out of line" but ironically if they were cream or beige color they were no deemed sexy in my congregation. Couldn't wear certain dresses, skirts, blouses soooo hell no I don't miss it, I donated all my "nun outfits" at once, when I stopped going.

    I came across a photo of me at 15 and I clearly remember taking that after a sunday meeting, in that photo I looked 20 years older than I am now LOL

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